Why And How To Write For Your Website Readers? (Not for a search engine)

Posted on : 12-Jul-2018  in  Web & App Design    by ShimBi Labs

This article is about how to write content for a human that search engine also love!

How Robust is Your Organization Foundation?

Posted on : 30-May-2018  in  Shimbi Insights    by Siddharth Deshmukh

Just imagine if you created a company on a foundation made of sand. You just hired people to fill available openings and instead taking time to find out if they were right for the position, or for the company.

Thanks For Being a Part of This Wonderful Journey

Posted on : 30-Dec-2017  in  Shimbi Insights    by Siddharth Deshmukh

It is a time of the year to be with friends & family, experience the joy of reflecting on the passing year & thinking about the new year. It's time to bring & accept the change as we move ahead in our journey to make a positive difference in the world.

5 Expert Tips for a Killer App UI

Posted on : 17-Nov-2017  in  Web & App Design    by ShimBi Labs

Understanding human behavior is really the only way to make effective designs. Here are 5 Expert Tips for a Killer App UI.

With a Passion For Brand Building, The Sky is The Limit For Yogesh Bafna

Posted on : 15-Oct-2017  in  Inspiring Stories    by Siddharth Deshmukh

Young, energetic and endlessly passionate entrepreneur Yogesh Bafna tells us a fascinating and inspiring story - in his words.

How Individuals Grow at Shimbi Labs, Without Becoming Manager (Because we don't have managers)

Posted on : 13-Oct-2017  in  Shimbi Insights    by Siddharth Deshmukh

We think people who can work without the title “Manager” are real heroes. They don’t need a title to do a great job, they carry out their work and beyond because they love what they do.

Priyanka - Amiable; Lovable, Young Architect Who Makes You Happy With Her Creative Designs

Posted on : 28-Sep-2017  in  Inspiring Stories    by Siddharth Deshmukh

The inspiring unfolding story of a young architect, Whose imagination never stop and that reminds me this quote ““Stories of imagination tend to upset those without one.”

Advocate Santosh Naidu: Inspiring Story Of Journey From Steno Typist To Successful Advocate

Posted on : 23-Sep-2017  in  Inspiring Stories    by ShimBi Labs

Here is the first story of blog series"Inspiring Entrepreneurial Success Stories" about Advocate Santosh Naidu, a man with strong, desired to succeed.

Inspiring Entrepreneurial Success Stories

Posted on : 22-Sep-2017  in  Inspiring Stories    by Siddharth Deshmukh

This blog is our humble endeavor to compile and narrate success stories of inspiring businesses to the world. I sincerely believe that every entrepreneur has a very inspiring story to tell and us to learn.

Why Excel is Unfit for Generating Invoices

Posted on : 27-Aug-2017  in  Small Business Hacks    by ShimBi Labs

In general Freelancers, Startups and Small Business tend to use Excel for their invoicing requirement. But these 10 points will prove you why Excel is wrong choice to create invoices.