Working Holiday!

Posted on 24-Jan-2017

Taking time to reflect on what's most important to create ways to overcome difficult challenges is goal of #WorkingHoliday at ShimBi Labs

I wish you a beautiful, magical new year!

Posted on 28-Dec-2016

As we are reaching towards end of 2016, I wanted to send my best wishes to you and yours! I hope that 2017 holds success and good fortune in all your endeavour. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and your organization this year.

Tech-lit-ical Diaries #6

Posted on 18-Nov-2016

I dialled the number assigned to me for my next interview, I guess this is how you would feel before a Tsunami- a total cluelessness about the huge wave that's going to hit you the next second...

Tech-lit-ical Diaries #5

Posted on 24-Oct-2016

This UI Designer at ShimBi Labs certainly had an interesting childhood/teenage hood and whatever follows. He fondly remembers how he used to work part time during his 12th grade at an eye hospital...

Tech-lit-ical Diaries #4

Posted on 30-Sep-2016

There are millions around the globe and at least a few hundreds we meet each day, or have known all our lives. Yet hardly known. Continuing my saga of interviews with ShimBi Labs’ employees to know their different side of life...

Tech-lit-ical Diaries #3

Posted on 02-Sep-2016

My next interview was scheduled with Mrs Bhawana Panchpande, probably the bubbliest and the happiest person at ShimBi Labs! 

ShimBi Labs Is Great Place To Learn New Things!

Posted on 08-Aug-2016

ShimBi Labs is a great place to learn new things and a right place to Interns to kick start their career. My Internship experience with ShimBi is fruitful.

Tech-lit-ical Diaries #2

Posted on 04-Aug-2016

An aspiring entrepreneur, Mr Atul explained to me how he balanced out his work and personal life- on a 50-50 scale where both work and personal lives were allotted their time.

I Learned How To Work In A Team

Posted on 03-Jul-2016

It was a nice experience. I worked in a team through which I learned how to work in a team. When you are a team member you get to know how other people work. 

Tech-lit-ical Diaries #1

Posted on 08-Jun-2016

Let me unfold to you the life and persona of a software professional. This was an eye opener for me who made the call with many prejudices but had them all killed in 20 minutes.