MobiMike: Simple app which converts your mobile phone into a handy mike


Posted on 25 Mar 2014 06:52 in Press Releases

Addressing small group of people, going on picnic download MobiMike on your phone and use it as handy mike.

ShimBi Labs is glad to inform you the release of yet another incredible Android App.


MobiMike is a simple app which converts your mobile phone into a handy mike. Just connect your mobile to external speakers, launch the MobiMike app and start speaking! This app will broadcast your voice. So next time, when you are standing tall to speak; just use your mobile phone as a handy mike.


Here are some example where you can use MobiMike:

1. In picnics
2. In an outdoor or indoor activity.
3. To address small group of people.



1. You can adjust the volume from your app.
2. Your mobile's mike can be turned on even if you exit your app.


Here is the link to download the app :


Pls. don’t forget to share your thoughts about MobiMike and how and where you are using it.

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