Are you a Makeup Artist? Which path should you take? Freelance Vs. working at Salon.

Posted on 27 Apr 2022 21:32 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

Are you a makeup artist struggling to decide whether you should join a salon or work independently as a freelancer? Then read along to know all the pros and cons.

The women's beauty, skincare, and makeup industry is growing day by day. Every day new products and companies are launched that help women accentuate their beauty. Makeup is such a thing that most girls love to do since their teenage.


The unrealistic beauty standards set by others make many women want to wear makeup to cover up their blemishes. But makeup has now transformed into a way people express themselves. Teenagers especially like to express their bold personality by applying statement lipstick or dark eye shadow. 


People mostly learn how to apply makeup by watching YouTube videos or experimenting on themselves. But for special occasions such as parties and weddings, everyone does not like to do their makeup themselves. They like to sit and relax and let someone else handle their makeover. 


This is where makeup artists come into the picture.


Why need a makeup artist when one knows their way around makeup?

Makeup artists are the need of the hour specially in the modeling, fashion, wedding, and film industries. Every model or actor has their personal makeup artist that decks them up whenever they go out. Every modeling shoot or film crew has multiple makeup artists.


Every bride needs a makeup artist to get ready for her special day. As makeup artists are pros, they know what products will suit your skin, what colors will look better on you, and what makeup look will match your outfit. 


Makeup artists vs salon

All individuals who have a degree from a makeup institute or are experienced in this industry are makeup artists. Some of them join a salon and work under it as a beautician and others practice individually.


They are freelance makeup artists. People can hire them and they can come to the location of your choice and will do your makeover. People who work at the saloon cannot do that. They are bound by the contract of the saloon.


Clients who visit the salon are the ones with who they work.


Should one compete with salons or be a part of it?

That is your personal choice. There are pros and cons to both. I've listed them down below. After reading you can take an informed decision on what is better for you!


Pros and cons of working at a salon

Beautician working at a salon

In a salon, you have fixed pay, appraisals, and employment benefits. Hence economically it is a stable option. 


Secondly, you don't have to find clients and gigs. Clients come to you. The salon management is responsible for getting work and not you.


There is no fixed amount of work that you need to do. Some days maybe you are loaded with work and on others, you might be free. It all depends on the footfall and the needs of the clients.


The cons are that your job may have long and fixed working hours. Scope of growth is less as your salary is fixed and getting appraisals is difficult. Your employer can also fire you anytime if the salon is not doing well. 


If you do a great job and your client is happy, they will praise the salon and not you. The brand value of the salon will increase and you will be invisible. 


Pros and cons of working as a freelance makeup artist

Freelance Makeup artist doing bridal makeup

In freelancing, you are your boss. You can accept or reject gigs according to your wishes. You are not bound to fixed working hours. You can be flexible and can-do other things that you love as well.


You can negotiate the pay, which means you don't have a fixed salary. You can charge for your hard work and effort. This can be a pro as well as a con. On the positive side, there is always room for growth. Negatively, some months you may not get many gigs hence your income might reduce. 


You can personally interact with clients and build connections in the industry. 


Here the brand is built around you and your name. If you do well people will recommend you to their friends and family. 


On the negative side, you have to go to clients and advertise yourself. clients will not come to you early on in your career as they are unaware of you. You have to market your skills and services and attract customers.


How to advertise my skills as a makeup artist?


In today’s digital world all you have to do is make your identity stand out via making a website, and social media accounts on various platforms. 


A website is crucial for freelance makeup artists. If anyone wants to hire the first place, they'll go to is Google and you have to be on the first page of the search results. A website can help you showcase your work, major clients, collaborations, and much more. 


It acts as your digital portfolio. 


Social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook will help you gain popularity, drive leads to your website, and make a fan base for your work. Mostly models, brides, and others post their pictures on social media. You can take their permission and repost them on your account and show your work.




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