Bakers and chefs, why you should start a recipe blog now.

Posted on 08 Jul 2020 09:09 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

Do you want to showcase your baking and cooking skills? Make a website now, and express your talent. Help others to learn these skills. Become an influencer and change the lives of many for good!

Are you a baker? Or a cook? Chef? Be it professional or a novice, you should start your website now. Today's generation learns everything from the internet rather than books. For every little thing or problem, they surf the net simply because it is convenient and fast.


Surfing the web for recipes

Millennials love to cook or bake and want to learn something new every day. Be it a simple recipe of dal or a complex baking dish; they google everything. Going through recipe books has become obsolete now.


Watching online video tutorials is in thing as videos and photographs give a better understanding of how to cook the dish. For one dish, there are several recipes on the web compared to one recipe in a book. You can browse through them and then select the one you like the most.


Express yourself on the internet

If you are good at baking or cooking, why hold back. Showcase your talent to others. This will help you grow. It will also help people who don't know much about it.


Opening your baking and recipe blog can help you express yourself. Everyone wants to express themselves and contribute meaningfully to society. This can help you do it. Starting a website or blog is fun and boost to your creativity!


You can either pursue it as a proper career or do it as a side gig or a hobby.


Become an influencer

People never thought that being an influencer would be a serious job earlier. But in today's generation, a public influencer is a full-time profession. If you look up the internet, there are many baking and cooking influencers, for example, Rosie Alyea of Canada, her blog is She has 264k followers on Instagram, and she started her blog in 2010 way to share her love for baking and caking.


There are a countless number of them. You can become one too! It takes time, energy, and hard work to grow and become known. But it is worth pursuing it, for fun and helping people by inspiring them to do what they like. 


Making a website makes it easier for people to reach you and know more about you. You can also create accounts on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Then link these accounts to your website for greater visibility.


The website is a good source of income.

If your blog becomes very popular and is visited by many people, it can become a good source of income too! Many companies dealing with food items and groceries will contact you. They will want you to advertise their products on your website. These advertisements are expensive, so a good source of income for you!


You can also enter into a partnership with brands and promote their products in your videos. For example, if you partner with Cadbury, you can prepare dishes using the products made by that company such as chocolates, cocoa powder, and others.


This will help you increase your popularity too!


Hence, if you have a ready medium to share your talent, why not capitalize on it?


Make your recipe blog now!

Are you wondering how to design your recipe blog?

Hiring a web designer to do that is really costly. Hence, ShimBi Labs BUDO is at your service.


BUDO is a simple website, blog, and online store builder to help people create beautiful, attractive, and functional websites. No coding knowledge is required. All you have to do is sign-up and start building your site with your imagination!


Using your email, you can sign-up for the free version, if you love it then upgrade to pro version anytime! 


Design your website with the help of various layouts, fonts, images, and color schemes provided. There is an option to add a blog to your site.


Just click on the blog button and start blogging.


Promoting your blog

After creating your website, you need to promote it. Or else how will people know about you? You can use Google tools and services such as Google Analytics and Search Console.


Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are also great platforms for marketing. You can share the links to your blogs there so that your friends and family can view it.


Start a YouTube account, too, if you are good at videography. If you consider this as your full-time profession, you should start making videos of your recipes and upload them on YouTube too! People during their free time love to browse through videos on YouTube.

Even if some people do not cook, they love to see cooking and baking videos. This will help you create awareness about your website and blog.


There are thousands and thousands of food and recipe bloggers. To outshine them, you need to be original. You will have to work really hard, and you might even fail at times. Maybe your views get stagnant, or you face other issues. But do not get demotivated. All failures help you become better at your job.


So, work on your recipes, photography, and videography skills and start blogging.


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