5 Things About ShimBi CMS Budo, Your Boss Wants To Know

Posted on 21 Feb 2015 22:36 in Shimbi Labs Products
by ShimBi Labs

Are you the one who is given responsibility to select perfect website builder and CMS for your company website? Then this blog post is for you.

With the increasing emphasis on the efficient digital delivery of information, many Small Businesses are looking to update their outdated, static website. 


Is your business one of them? And are you the one who is given responsibility to select perfect website builder and CMS (Content Managment System) for your company website? Then be prepared to answer few questions your boss will ask you about your selection.


Here are the 5 things about Budo, your boss wants to know.


1. Open Source or Paid Solution

This is the first question you should expect from your boss.
Over the past few years, WordPress & Drupal has become the CMS of choice for many businesses. Both are open source CMS; anyone can download and use it. Even the White House is using Drupal. But is it that good? Or Is it good for your business? Being a popular CMS isn’t enough. WordPress and Drupal requires a specialist web design agency, a robust hosting, and a fair amount of customization. It’s not for everyone.


On the other hand, Budo by Shimbi Labs is for everyone. Budo is a leading cloud-based web development platform created with one goal in mind: to help people get online without technical skills and a big budget. Budo is a Website Builder and Content Management System.


2. Budget

Open source doesn’t mean free. It means no ongoing license fee and the possibility of amending the source code. But, you will need additional budget to train staff to design your website, install necessary plugins, security patches and keep the CMS up-to-date. In some cases, open source may not be the most cost effective solution for you.


With Budo, all concerns related to web hosting, plugin updates, security patches are taken care. You can simply focus on your business and update your website contents for an unlimited time without any additional fees.


Budo plans to start at USD 17 per year. With our Free plan, you can even build up to 5-page website!


3. Ease of Use

It’s easy to assume that all CMS will allow you to create, delete, edit and organize pages to your satisfaction, but that’s not always the case. Make sure the CMS you choose for your business website is functional, intuitive and, most importantly, scalable. 


Everything in Budo is designed to be simple and intuitive. Of course, to make amazing things simple requires some seriously advanced technologies, and CMS Budo is full of them. CMS Budo provides you unparalleled stability; it also delivers incredible performance. Using CMS Budo is as easy as Facebook or MS Word.


4. Security

Make sure that the CMS you choose for your business website includes effective, modern and intuitive security features. The content management system should have automatic updating and security patching, to ensure you are always running the latest, most secure versions. 


CMBudo you will get all security patches and version updates without ever doing anything and ever pay for them! It also means you can be rest assured of your website is automatically updated to the latest version of CMS.


5. Support

Support is a most important factor you must pay attention. Well documented manual, and how to videos are very important to reduce the training cost.


Budo comes with extensive manual, frequently asked a question and human support when you need it.


We hope you are now well prepared to answer all questions of your boss.  Need more information we recommend you to read these Budo FAQ.


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