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Posted on 14 May 2020 09:09 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

As people are spending more time on their mobiles and tablets, isn't it time to make your website mobile friendly. Mobile-friendly websites help in marketing products and business growth.

Mobile phones and tablets account for more than half of the web traffic worldwide. During the fourth quarter of 2019, mobile devices generated approximately 53% of global website traffic. According to Zenith, people worldwide spent an average of 800 hours using their mobile internet in 2019, and it will rise to 930 hours by 2021.


Since 2015 the average amount of time spent on the mobile phone has increased from 80 minutes to 130 minutes daily, with a rise of 13% each year. This is due to the low prices of data packs and powerful mobile handsets; hence, people prefer to buy a mobile over a laptop or a computer. 


Mobile media time usage has surpassed desktop time! 

Don't you think you must make your website or online store mobile friendly?


Making a visually attractive website with all your creativity and displaying your products, services, and skills is half the job. Unless people don't visit your site and buy your products, your efforts are in vain. Hence, in today's world, your website must be compatible and optimized for the computer and mobile phone.


Four out of five people search for the products and services they need on mobile before purchasing one. When most of the things are available on a smartphone, nobody wants to take the pain of switching on a computer or a laptop. 


Thus having a mobile-friendly website will be the most sorted thing you want because nobody wants to zoom in and out on a small mobile screen to read the necessary information on the site.


The mobile-friendly website also increased the possibility of showing up on your website on mobile searches, which will increase the likelihood of business growth. 


People are willing to spend money consciously or unconsciously as soon as they search for something on google. The trick is to make sure that people find you and not you're competitors.


Now, most of you must be wondering about how to make your website compatible with mobile phones. There are two ways - One, hire a website design agency to build a website for you. Second, do-it-yourself!


The first option is simple, but you must have a reasonable budget for it. The second option needs little of your time more of your passion and love for your website. If the latter is your choice, then Budo can be your perfect partner for building your website by self.


Every website built using Budo is Mobile-friendly and optimized for all other devices.  

It's easy. It's free too!


Get started; all you have to do is:

  • to visite the Budo Website builder home page.
  • Signup in less than 30 seconds.
  • Start creating your website with very simple and easy to use Budo website builder. 
  • Preview your website on the desktop, laptop, and on your mobile.
  • Select or use your domain and publish a website.
  • Link your social media accounts with the website.
  • If you need help, you have 24/7 online support.


Now you have a website which is ready to go and is compatible with mobiles and tablets too!


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