How to improve your college website?

Posted on 24 Jan 2021 09:09 in Web & App Design
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

To make a top-notch website, you need to consider many things carefully. From the domain name to the webpages to the security, everything needs to be in place. Read along to know how you can improve your school or college website.

Applying for colleges is one of the most crucial times for students. Selecting the right course, the right college for them is a big task. Students research years ahead which colleges they want to apply for and start gathering information on them. 


Earlier colleges didn't have websites; hence information used to spread by word of mouth. People would talk to the past students or the students currently studying there to get accurate information. All this has changed due to the advancement in digital technology. All colleges now have a website. They pay keen attention to it, regularly update it and maintain it with up-to-date information regarding the college, its achievements and other related details. 


Website- A window to the college
Students cannot physically go and visit every college we want to apply for. Hence, the college website is the window to the college. The website forms an image of the colleges in their minds.


A good, attractive, well organized, and informative website will encourage students to apply. But a disorganized, haphazard, and vague website will discourage students to even go through the prospectus of the website. They will leave the website within minutes.


Website Name
Your web address is the first thing you should think about.
It should also have a related domain name.


The website name or the Second Level Domain (SLD) should be the college name or short forms (for example, the college initials). This is the easiest way to recognize the official college website against others. 


The Top-Level Domain (TLD) can be .com .org anything you like and is secured.


Homepage of an ideal college website 
Due to the ongoing pandemic, all the admissions are taking place online. Earlier, students had the option of visiting the college and filling out hard copy admission applications. But now applications, interviews, tests, everything is being conducted online. Hence a powerful website is needed. 


The homepage first catches the attention of the viewers. Hence it should have the college emblem, the name, and pictures of the students and other activities. It should be eye-catching. Photos should be bold and of high clarity. 


The more attractive and organized the homepage is, the more time the viewer will spend on the website.


It should have a menu that connects the viewers to the subpages. A proper menu will make it easier to locate the subpage one wants to visit.


The most common options are- About Us, Admission, Contact Us, E-resources, Courses Available, College Life, Student Community, Picture Gallery, and Notice Board.


These sub-options have various others that are subjective- made as required by the college.


Description of the college
It is essential to have a web page dedicated to your college, motto, vision, and history.


A well-written description will create a feeling of want in the students and apply for admissions. The same courses are available in various colleges, but factors like these influence the students. 

Details about college life, facilities available like hostel, library, playgrounds, etc., should be given. 


In-depth information
In today's world, information is everything. Hence, information, especially regarding the admission procedure and the courses, should be provided.


A search option can be given, which will make things easier to locate. 


FAQ section should be provided. The importance of FAQ has increased a lot. It brings clarity to the student's minds. Also, keep an area or a comments box where students can drop their additional questions. 


Some colleges provide an email address where people can send their queries. 


Connect with the students
The website should instantly connect with the student. It should build trust and high regard in the eyes of the students and their parents. 


For that communication should be there between the students and the college. Hence, the communication portal must be there. An email or telephone number, address, and fax number should be there. 


Ingredients to make your website 'next-level.'
Apart from the right domain name, the website should also be readable. This means the font size and color should be readable. 

It should have easy navigation. Users shouldn't be struggling to find information. There should be an easily accessible toolbar that directs users to the most important pages.


The pages on the website should load quickly. A slow website will put people off. Websites built from scratch are usually less likely to run slowly, although they require someone with coding knowledge to build.


But if you are someone with no knowledge about coding, don't worry! ShimBi Labs Budo is the perfect solution for you.

It is a user-friendly software that helps you build your website. It requires no coding knowledge. All it needs is your time and creativity.


Search engine optimizer is also an important part. When someone searches your college name, your website should be the first one to pop. Then only will you receive a lot of traffic?


Lastly, website security is also a key feature. Getting an SSL certificate is the easiest way to keep your website and payment portals safe and secured. All websites made with Budo already come with an SSL certificate. Hence you do not need to pay more for that.


These are all the key features and little tips that will help you improve your website's standard. 




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