How to market your small business at a minimal cost

Posted on 05 Feb 2021 09:09 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

Marketing your business is an essential aspect of growing your business. But if you are on a shoestring budget, then you need to be creative. Here are some cost-efficient ways to get media coverage and publicity.

For small businesses press coverage, and publicity plays a very crucial role in getting customers. Spreading the word to the masses is a difficult job to do. Every day there are new products launched in the market. This saturates the market with many products in the same segment. In such a scenario, a small business with less or no budget faces a problem.


Big companies with a deep pocket for marketing use traditional methods such as newspaper, television, radio advertisements, and billboards to promote their products. But for start-ups who don't have a big budget for promotion, there are several non-traditional methods.


You can try some of these ideas.


Go to a blogger rather than a journalist.
Journalists have tons of products, press releases, and advertisements to print. Among big brothers, your product won't stand out here. It will get lost in some corner of the newspaper. 


Instead, go to a blogger who writes about the segment which is related to your product. Bloggers and influencers write reviews and articles about a specific field that interest them and many times for free. Their followers believe in their review and become potential customers for the products.


For example, if you are dealing with makeup or skincare products, you can approach makeup, lifestyle, and skincare bloggers. 


Send them emails and try to connect with them. You can also send them free samples. Even though you will have to bear the cost at times, the publicity will help your business grow, and you will cover up the money you had invested. 


How do I find bloggers?
Google and social media have made this job easier for you. You can search on Google, Instagram bloggers related to your market. Check out the blogger's work—his/her reach and popularity. Then if he/she seems fit, you can contact him/her.


How do I reach out to bloggers?
All bloggers have a contact section on their website. From there, you can either message or mail them. Many of them are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media, connect them over there. 


While emailing to them, make sure you have a catchy subject that attracts them. 


Explain your products in detail so that they have an idea of what they understand it well. Later you can pay them according to their charges and have a paid partnership with them. 


Reach out to Instagram influencers rather than actors/actresses and public figures 
Famous public figures also advertise products for brands with whom they've established a paid partnership. But their charges are very high, and small businesses cannot afford that. 


Hence contact Instagram influencers. They have a good reach and charge a nominal amount too. If you are dealing with homemade items in Delhi and want a customer base in Delhi, you should contact a Delhi Base food blogger and influencer. 


The influencer market is growing, and their followers have a personal connection with them. Hence, they take their recommendations seriously. The Instagram algorithm also reposts their posts, thereby increasing the visibility of the post. 


Posters rather than hoardings
Posters are a very efficient way of marketing your business. You can make flyers and posters and pin them on your locality notice boards and distribute them to nearby buildings and residences. 


You can also make digital posters and send them to people via WhatsApp. Request your friend list to send them to their friends and family for more advertising. 


Use different social media for posting these digital posters.


Keep a check on your competitors.
Keep checking how and where your competitors are advertising themselves. The reach they are getting and the tactics they are using to get more customers. 


You will understand which strategies work and can modify and use them for your business too! 


Google ads
Google ads have become a very efficient way of getting coverage. Let me explain this via an example-


If you want a custom-made t-shirt of your favorite tv series, Game of Thrones, the first thing you'll do is search on google "Game of Thrones customized t-shirts." Google will then show a list of websites that sell similar products. 


For Google Add to be effective, you need a good business website for people to get information about your products and services, contact details, and location. From here, people can directly contact you. 


Customer reviews and shoutouts

You can request your customers to give you their feedback on your products and services and to give you a shoutout on their social media profiles. This will create much positivity, and other people will also reach out to you after seeing that their trusted acquaintance has bought something from you.


These are some ways you can spread the word about your business and enlarge your customer base.




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