Top 10 reasons why wedding planners need a website.

Posted on 10 Aug 2021 09:09 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

Weddings are the most celebrated occasion in everyone's family. People save money for years to spend on their as well as their children's wedding. People love to hire wedding planners to organize their weddings. 


These days smart and tech-savvy brides and grooms browse the internet months before their wedding to finalize their wedding planner. So, if you want your business to be visible to them and is their choice, you need a website!


The benefits of having a website are many! Let's dive into the top 10 reasons for your wedding planner business to have a website.


1. A website helps you showcase your services
Showcase all the wedding services from organizing, food, décor, clothing, hotel stays, wedding service, photographers, musicians, and many more services that you do for a wedding.


You can show the associations you have with various hotel chains, caterers, musicians, etc.


You can also create several packages, for example –

  • Exclusive tier – the best of the best services. Luxurious weddings and receptions.
  • Gold tier – customized and grand weddings 
  • Silver-tier – weddings under a fixed budget 
  • Bronze tier – small and private weddings under a fixed budget


This way, interested clients get clarity about the services they will get according to their selected package. 


2. Acts as a gallery for all your events
You can showcase pictures and videos of all the weddings your firm has organized. This will build authenticity and showcase to others the quality of services you provide. 


As you already know, the first 10 seconds are very crucial after the viewer has landed on your website. Beautiful wedding pictures will immediately captivate their interest. 


3. A website takes some stress off your back
As wedding planners, you have a thousand things to do while organizing a wedding. Stress levels are high.


While working, one also focuses on marketing themselves to get other clients. Why worry about it yourself when a website can do it for you. 


A website helps you get coverage 24/7. So even when you are engrossed in organizing other weddings, other interested couples can check out your services and book appointments with you. 


4. A website can act as your secretary!
Whenever people have any queries, their first instinct is to pick up their phone and call. But you are not available all the time. Hence on your website, you can have a contact us page with a callback facility so people can drop in their queries and request a callback.


This way, your website will collect information about leads. Then all you have to do is connect with them or call them at your convenience.


5. A website helps others in the business know about you
A website helps in increasing your visibility in the wedding planning business. People providing services your firm needs, such as caterers, florists, musicians, and more, can get to know about you and connect with you.


6. A website helps you in hiring staff

Hiring well-qualified staff is a must for your wedding planning firm. From managers to other specialized staff, you can specify your needs on your job opportunities' webpage on your website. 


Your website will help you spread the word faster than other modes of advertisement.


7. The blog page on your website helps in SEO boosting
Blogging is the most efficient way of marketing yourself. You can talk about the most recent wedding you have organized, the most exotic wedding locations, honeymoon packages, and so much more. People searching for tips for their wedding will come across your blog and land on your website.


8. A website helps you showcase your clientele
You can enlist the clients you have served before. This will increase your authenticity. You can ask for customer feedback and upload it on your website. 


9. A website helps you coordinate with your staff
You can have a separate website for coordinating and organizing all your work. A project management system will make your life ten times easier. 


You can create groups among your employees, upload the work to be done every day, assign work to people, keep a checklist of things done, and so much more. 


10. A website helps you in organizing online seminars
During the pandemic, all businesses have changed their strategy and tried to sell their services online. Weddings have also been conducted online as guests from other states could not travel.

With the help of a website, you can conduct live streaming of weddings. Upload links so that only guests who have the password can attend it. 


You can also conduct live seminars, webinars and connect with your clients, aspiring people who want to enter this industry, and so much more. A website has a hundred things to offer you. All you have to do is make one and dedicate yourself to maintaining it.


If you want to make a website for your firm, then there is no time like today.




So now, if you are convinced about making a website for yourself but lack the time and skills to design one, here is something perfect for you. 


Budo is simple to use, and a straightforward website builder provides you with a googlable website in minutes. Moreover, Budo has everything you need to market your vet clinic online.

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