Top 10 reasons for a writer to have a website

Posted on 12 Dec 2021 09:09 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

Are you an aspiring writer, or are you a successful writer and still don't have a professional website for yourself? You are making a big mistake! Read along to know why you need a website.

Writing is one of the most up-and-coming professions. Writing encompasses Blog writing, content writing, academic writing, copywriting, Novel and Business Writing, and so much more. Every business, every website, journal, magazine needs writers.


In today's world, a well-written advertisement can boost sales and crush competitive products even if they are better. Hence the demand for good writers has increased over time. 


I have been working for more than a year with Shimbi Labs for this blog. So, writer-to-writer, I want to tell you why you need a website! Why it is so crucial in this digital world to have a website.


Let's dive into the top 10 reasons you should have a website-

1. A website is like a blank canvas
A website helps you articulate your feeling and emotions and in expressing them. You can write articles on any topic that interests you and publish them. You can express your political views, raise awareness on important issues, and write on any topic you like. You are not restricted to writing on pre-assigned topics as it is your website.


2. Reflects professionalism
A professional website shows how professional and serious you are about writing. Any recruiter can browse through your website and understand your passion for your work. It increases your credibility. If you are a novelist or a budding freelancer, a website will always help you build your online persona.


3. A website helps in promoting your books
A website is a perfect platform where you can announce new book releases, dates, and places where it will be available. It is the ideal place to advertise your new book or novel. You can give a brief description of your book to encourage readers to purchase it.


4. Sales your Book Online
You can also sell a book and its electronic, audio version online from your website. Recently many writers self-publish their books and sell them directly.


5. Helps in crowdfunding
If you are writing for a social or humanitarian cause and planning to raise crowdfunding to support the cause, your website is the best place to do so.


6. A website helps you in preparing an email list
Whenever a reader visits your website, you can collect information such as their name and email id. Email marketing is one of the modern ways of marketing your work.


After publishing your book or blogs, you can send emails to your readers. This way, you can stay connected with your readers and increase your readership.


7. It helps in building your confidence
If you are a freelancer, a website is a perfect teacher for you. It will show you your progress, the blogs which worked the most, the blogs with the least number of reads and comments on each blog. Over time you can assess your work and growth. This will help you in building your confidence.


8. Website as your CV
If you are a novelist in the making of a successful writer, a website helps add a few brownie points to your credentials and your CV. It's a place to showcase your past work. Future projects.


9. A website helps you in developing other sources of income
While freelancing and working on your website, you need another source of income, right?


A website helps you with that. You can approach several writers, read their work, and write reviews about it. This way, your readers will learn about the books, and you will earn an income for writing reviews.


You can also keep various advertisements on your website, which is another excellent source of money.


Bonus #10: Having a blog on your website improves your search rankings. 
Assume you're a freelance writer just getting started in travel writing. If someone searches for "Your Name" and "Your Website," your static website will most likely be the first to appear. However, if someone searches for "freelance writer" and "budget travel," your site may appear after a few dozen others. If you're fortunate.


But, if you keep a blog and update it regularly, your chances of ranking higher in search results are much higher. A frequently updated site with well-written content is more valuable and, as a result, ranks it higher.


Over to you ...
Let us know if you have any other ideas or need to know something more.

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