Which content is the king?

Posted on 09 Apr 2022 17:00 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

Is all the content available on the internet the KING? Not at all. A large portion remains unseen. So how do freelancers produce noticeable content ? Read along to know more.

Every day thousands of blogs, photos, videos, and other forms of content are shared on the internet. But some of them go viral and some don’t. Today every other person is on social media or is a writer and posts their blogs on the internet. But not all receive the same attention from the readers. 

Skilled freelancers know how to frame an article, or make an advertisement that will instantly grab the viewer's attention. If you are a newbie in this market no need to worry. Keep practicing and following the simple tips given below.

A portion of the huge pool of content on the internet consists of branded content. 

What is branded content? 

Branded content is any form of content that is centered around the products and services provided by a brand. It is either created to entertain the customer or to sell the brand directly to the customer.

The phrase ‘content is king’ was first posted by Bill Gates on the Microsoft website on 3rd January 1996. But what kind of content is king?

Unread and unseen content

The majority of the content produced on the internet remains unheard, unwatched, unseen, and unheard. Spotify had released data indicating that only 80% of the music on its platform had been listened to. This shows that 20% of the songs remain unheard. A new service called Forgotify sprang up that delivered playlists of neglected songs. 

This inspired other services like No Likes Yet – which showcased photos that had not received a single like on Instagram and Petit Tube – that showcased the internet's most unpopular clips. 

Google says that 46% of paid video ads are NEVER viewed! For display ads the number is even higher – 56% of them go unseen.

This shows how the amount of excess content on today's internet.

What is worthy of being called ‘content’?

Content means communication that is so good that you want to spend time with it or share it. For something to be called content, it must capture you in such a way that you choose to watch, read or listen to it. It must spur you to vouch for its value as you repost it to your friends. 

Today’s readers are smart and like to invest their time in quality content. Worthy content should either be-

  • Magnetic – attracts people
  • Immersive – you get embedded in it
  • Smart – helping you in some way
  • Practical

What is magnetic content?

The magnetism of a piece of content is linked to arousal. This means an individual's heightened emotions draw them to share the material.

In short, what guides our fingers to the share, like, subscribe, buy now buttons.

Immersive content 

When the content is so engaging that an individual becomes lost while reading then it’s called immersive content! When the content is emotional, or if the topic of the content is close to the reader's heart, then they get lost in it.

Smart and practical content 

Content that is empowering and helps elevate and enhance the collective experience of individuals, communities, and businesses falls under this head.

It means the information is useful to the readers in their day-to-day lives.

Hence content should arouse, immerse, enable and empower the readers.

Tips to help freelancers produce unique content

  • Don't produce mainstream content. That means copying information from pre-existing websites, writing on common topics, and writing repetitive and bland content.
  • Don’t compromise on quality- even if it takes you more time to create your piece or makes you cross your deadline. Never compromise just because you’re lazy or short of time.
  • Promote your content. Creating an excellent piece is half the war won. The other half is promoting it on websites and social media platforms.
  • Enjoy the process of writing.
  • Make it sticky- include examples and link it to the readers, make it relatable, add hyperlinks and connect it with your other work.
  • Personalize your content. Your content defines you.

How to promote my content?

If you are working for a company as a freelance writer then your company’s website helps in promoting your work. You can further share links to your articles on your company’s social media handles and your own.

You can create a post on LinkedIn about your work and can promote it there.

But if you want to promote your piece then you can create a website for yourself and do so! Do not know why you need a website for yourself? 

Click here to know the top 10 reasons you need one now.




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