How to speed up your website

Posted on 24-Aug-2016

This blog includes various possible faults for a website to be a slow one and also gives out various solutions to speed up our website.

Top complaints every web designing company face

Posted on 20-Aug-2016

Here are a few complaints that web designing companies might have to face when the customers are not satisfied with their work. Studying these complaints well is the key to improvement and betterment of the design.

Why Indian Websites Should Avoid Using Non Indian Stock Photos For Website or Blogs

Posted on 30-Jul-2016

Photos are a great way to link the readers to the content. Through images, one can easily convey the messages. It helps the readers in imagining and moves forward their thinking.

Impact Of Bad Web Design On Users and Corrective Steps

Posted on 21-Apr-2016

Web design involves a proper blend and correctly understanding the key features that need to be taken care while designing, namely navigation and layout, brand consistency etc. These features have a huge impact on the users.

Good-bye, Adobe Flash. It's Time To Move On.

Posted on 30-Apr-2015

Today we are announcing the end of Flash support in CMS Budo. With this announcement, we will withdraw feature in CMS Budo that allows its users to upload Flash animation header for your website.

12 Design Secrets by Apple's Sir Jony Ive

Posted on 19-Nov-2014

Sir Jonathan shared 12 design secrets at Apple and also shared how he become so successful as Apple’s Senior VP of Design.

Website Design Trend: Beautiful Flat Website Designs

Posted on 27-Oct-2014

Flat User Interfaces have been in demand recently. Today, most of the new websites follow flat designs as their style guide. So, what is flat website designs?

Android Application Development With ShimBi Labs

Posted on 27-Mar-2014

Android is the world's most popular mobile OS. Android powers more than a billion phones and tablets around the world. It is very clear; that no enterprises can ignore the benefits of Android app development.

The 10 Essential Characteristics of a Business Website

Posted on 18-Sep-2013

If your business website does not benefit your business, in terms of either drive sales or raise awareness, it’s time to rethink your website and rebuild. Here are 10 Essential Characteristics of a Business Website

7 Secrets of a Good Website Design

Posted on 15-Aug-2013

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