Home business idea in the Covid-19 world.

Posted on 24 Oct 2020 09:09 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

Business doesn't have to start with an office, huge inventory, and many employees. It begins with an innovative idea and can be conducted from home as well. Several people are running a successful business from homes! You can too if you put your mind to it

Owning a business does not always mean that you need an office, inventory, large production and manufacturing units, and dozens of employees. Businesses can always start at home. It can start from an innovative idea, a hobby, passion, or just as a sidekick.


With the development of advanced technology, people all across the world are conducting business from their homes. With low budgets and investments, you can also start your business.


Students, homemakers, and even children are coming up with innovative products and starting their business. In today's connected world, technology has made it very easy to conduct business from any location. You can sit at home and ship your products worldwide.


You are not late; in fact, their cant is the best time than now. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, people want to stay safe, and governments encouraging all to stay at home. Start your business from home.


But like any venture, the home-based business also has some pros and cons. Let's first look at them.


Home-based business - pros and cons



If you conduct your business from your home, you save much money on rent. You save overhead costs of place, electricity, maintenance, and people, etc.


You can have a flexible work-life balance. If you are a homemaker, you can take care of your housework as well as make money and be self-sufficient. The best part is that you can take a vacation whenever you want. You are the boss, and you decide your work schedule.


Other family members can help you out with your work too. So the workload will get reduced, and you don't need to hire many people.



For starting a home-based venture, you might have to convert some portion of your house into a workstation. It depends on what kind of business you want to do. If you have to keep a lot of stock, it might occupy many of your cupboards.


You may have to comply with the government rules and certify yourself. For every industry, the government takes measures to ensure quality. Hence, you have to get a license, even though you are a home-based business.


As your business overgrow your home, you might have to rent a space. 


Now that we saw some pros and cons of home-based business, let's look at some ideas to start your business from your home!


Home-based business ideas

There are infinite business ideas. Here are some of the most common and easy business ideas which you can pursue right away.


Reselling of products by famous brands 

Many makeups, clothing, shoes, and food product brands give their products in bulk to people who then re-sale it to the consumers. So, you can also take a dealership and buy products in bulk and then sell them from your home.


There is an app named Meesho, which has several products in it. People have to market those products and sell them, and with every product they sell, they get a commission on it.


You can use your home as a showroom and sell locally to your neighbors and friends. You can set a date and organize an exhibition where people and come and purchase your products.


Selling homemade products

Homemade products have now found their unique position in the market. People prefer to buy homemade cakes, food products, clothes, bags, accessories, organic soaps, and other products because they are of high quality. 


You can enhance your skills, find your passion, and convert it into a business. Here you can control your products' quality and quantity and build a personal relationship with your customers.


You can also sell your products online either by making your own website store or registering yourself as a seller on various eCommerce sites such as Amazon and Etsy.


But before that, you must know if the marketplace is a better choice or own online store.


Subscription-based boxes

You can also sell your homemade products via a subscription box. The subscription box industry is booming every day as people love the concept. 


Here all your customers have to pay a subscription fee to receive a box filled with your goodies every month. They can edit their package, duration, and items they want.


Sell or rent unwanted items.

You can sell or rent your unused or unwanted products. Be it phone or clothing, furniture, or home appliances, you can sell or rent them online on various sites and apps. 


Offer online services

You can offer your expertise online to many people. Creative writers, content writers, copywriters, online tutors are the need of the hour.

You can do marketing, designing, teaching online. Here you do not need any inventory: just a room, comfortable seating, a good internet connection, a computer, and your talent.


You can conduct online workshops and teach specific skills such as baking, knitting, or whatever you like!


You can also conduct seminars and teach people storytelling, writing, editing, public speaking, or any other skill you are confident and certified in.


Possibilities are unlimited.

Online workshops conducted from home


Content creation

Digital creators such as Instagram influencers, Youtubers, Tik Tok stars, blogging, vlogging, and others earn huge amounts of money by creating and uploading blogs, pictures, and videos online. 


Content creation is the in thing, and you can start your page right away. Create and share original content, and it will help you in building a personal brand.


Gaming is also an industry in which you can earn. Streaming your games on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube attracts many viewers. The more the views you get, the more you earn through advertisers. Hence, your love for gaming can get you money too!


Find a home business idea that works for you. The one which excites you and is more of a passion than a business.


We wish you good luck! 

Don't forget to share your experience with our readers and us.



* Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels


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