How to ensure employee retention?

Posted on 23 Jun 2022 18:00 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

Employee retention saves a lot of time, energy and money for a company. Hiring is always a cumbersome process and after that if employees leave in 3 months it disturbs the administration of the company. Read along to know how to retain your employees.


"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."

– Winston Churchill


But while chasing success all of us face failure. Some of us get back up and pave the way others might struggle in doing that. It is the relentless attitude that helps us to rise and build our future.


Every company tries to keep its employees motivated so that they work to their fullest extent. But not all companies do that. Some employers think it is okay to insult and put down their employees for the smallest of mistakes as they are replaceable. Especially in India where there is a huge percentage of unemployed professionals, they feel that if 1 leaves the job there are 10 others ready to replace them.


But this attitude causes nothing but harm to the company and its reputation.


Advantages of long-term employees

  1. They know your company in and out - as they have worked for a long time, they know all their colleagues, company culture, nature of administration, the BOSS, and every minute little thing. This helps in the smooth functioning of the company.

    New and short-term employees can never know the company as well as they do. If employees keep switching jobs and no long-term employees stay in the company, it is a huge loss for them as there will be no one to guide the newbies.

    They help in other things that are outside their job description too- long-term employees help across all divisions of the company. This is a big plus point because if someone is not performing well, they can cover-up.
  2. They are well connected – they know the industry and have loads of connections. Hence no company likes to lose their long-term employees.
  3. Cost to the company also reduces – hiring new people is always expensive. It takes a lot of time and effort. Rather than hiring companies like to give a raise to their existing employees. This way it saves a lot of work and Costs to Company as well.


How to motivate employees to stay for a long period?
A lot of things come to play in making employees stick with your company rather than switching every 3 or 6 months. Work culture, colleagues, work pressure, role and responsibility, and many more.


You cannot control everything but can ensure that the work culture is healthy, there is a good work-life balance, and that they remain motivated to stick with you.


There are several ways to motivate and ensure that. Here are some tips-


1. A clear channel for communication – in big companies there is a hierarchical structure of communication from the boss to the lowest level. Ensure all communications go right across to all levels. The direction of communication should be both down and up.


This way both the boss as well as the employees are heard.


This process is easier in smaller companies as information does not pass-through various levels. Make sure the message does not get changed while it gets transferred.


2. Give motivation speeches- from time to time one should give motivation speeches or appreciate their employees to keep their morale up.


Everyone needs a morale boost from time to time. Remind them why they are working, the motto of the company, and how every person matters. Even if one doesn't work properly, it affects the company.


3. Ensure the managers appreciate the people working under them – who doesn't like a compliment or recognition? Everyone does. So, make sure your managers keep appreciating others and that they provide constructive criticism rather than insults. Constructive criticism can make people work harder and ensure they don't make the same mistake again whereas insults reduce their self-esteem and create a negative feeling against the company and the manager.


4. Create deadlines- everyone has a life outside work. But if companies never give specific deadlines and ask for submissions whenever they need them, it hampers employee's life outside work.


How many times did you have to cancel your plans because you had to give an end-moment submission?


Companies should ensure that this doesn't happen. Give clear deadlines beforehand so that people can plan their day, week especially weekends accordingly. A good work-life balance is key to keeping your employees happy.


Follow up from time to time- allotting work to people is not the end of your work. You need to follow up with them, again and again, to make them work more efficiently.


5. Try to keep everyone in the loop- you cannot ask everyone for their opinion on all matters of the company. But try to keep employees of a particular department in the loop if that department is going to do something. This way they will feel that they are involved in the company's growth.


Ask them for their suggestions and opinions. Discussing with everyone always generates more ideas and solves many problems. If you don't, they will always feel left out and think that all decision-making power is in the hands of a few.


These are some suggestions for keeping your employees engaged and motivated to stay with you for a long time. Do you have any more to suggest? Let us know in the comment box.




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