How to get gigs as a freelance photographer?

Posted on 30 Mar 2022 19:05 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

Everyone claims to be a photographer but only a few know their way around the camera. If you are one of them then read along to know how to get paid work and become a freelance photographer.

As a freelancer getting paid opportunities to work is essential to sustain oneself. Starting as a freelancer is always hard as opportunities don't come to you. You have to search for them, apply for them, and patiently wait for the firm to revert to you.

If you apply at 10 places 2 companies will revert to you. Mostly all companies want experienced people and do not want to hire freshers. But all this should not dishearten you. Because somewhere someone needs your help and is waiting for you to apply.

If you are someone passionate about photography then becoming a freelance photographer can be your calling. You can try your hand in it and if it feels good you can become a full-time photographer!

Industry of photography

As the Hindi saying goes-

“Jo dikhta hai wo bikta hai”

This means what looks appealing to the eyes sells. In today's digital world marketing and advertising are dependent on photography.

Product photography

Every company, business, a small business requires a photographer to shoot pictures, and videos of their products for their social media, print marketing, and websites.

Apart from this wildlife photography, the model industry, the entertainment industry, and loads more require photographers.

Model photography 

The industry is huge and ever-expanding.

How to enter this segment?

If you want to enter the freelance photography sector the first thing you need to do is create a portfolio for yourself.  

Discover what type of photography interests you and start clicking pictures. Select the best ones, print them out and make a portfolio for yourself.

Whenever you apply for any job or go for an interview you can present this portfolio. It will act as a medium to showcase your skills and talents. This will give you a plus point over other candidates as the recruiters will directly see your work rather than assume what you are capable of.

If you are making a digital portfolio, you can add links to websites where any of your previous work has been published.  

Job sites where one can find opportunities

Websites such as Internshala, Times Job, are places where recruiters put up posts of vacancies, part-time internships, and freelance gigs.

You can upload your CV and apply in as many places as you want. Here you can directly talk to the recruiters and land a gig.

The best place to make an account for all job seekers is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a networking site for all recruiters and job seekers. Here you can follow your favorite companies are apply to jobs posted by them or search for jobs that interest you.

All these websites are trustworthy. No personal information is leaked and scammers are removed and blocked. Hence all the jobs are legit.

Networking among your city

In today's rising influencer market many people love to become one. Some influencers like to click their pictures as it saves money but all well-renowned ones hire photographers to click pictures for them.

Be it food bloggers, travel bloggers, fashion and lifestyle influencers all of them require photographers. Connect with them on social media and keep checking their pages. Most of them upload job opportunities on their social media handles and ask photographers to email their portfolios to them.

You can personally send them your work and ask if they would like to collaborate with you. A collaboration will benefit you a lot as it increases your publicity. Seeing that collaboration post many other influencers might contact you for freelance opportunities.

Collaborations can be done with cafes, hotels, and other influential places too.

Connect with news agencies or printing press

Newspaper agencies always lookout for freelance photographers or full-time ones. You can click pictures for them and sell those pictures to the agency. Whenever they publish it they will give you credit for it.

This again will increase your popularity.

If your work gets published in a newspaper it adds a lot of value to your portfolio. Hence you should look out for such opportunities.


In today's world, there are endless opportunities. Your neighbor who owns a small business might need a photograph; your friend who aspires to be a model might need a photographer. It is on you to search and connect with such people and offer your services to them.

In case you are wondering how to make your portfolio viral or market yourself. The simple answer is to make a website for yourself.

Confused about how it'll help you? Click here to know more.

Nowadays many freelance photographers along with photography also provide editing, and social media marketing services. If that interests you, you can provide all the services and become a one-stop marketing solution!

For all your online solutions Shimbi Labs has some creative and exiting software such as –

BUDO- Budo is simple to use, and a straightforward website builder provides you with a googleable website in minutes. Budo will do all for you so you can focus on the things that matter most – that is, your passion for capturing moments into stunning photographs. 


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