Fresher - Seeking A Job Or A Learning Opportunity?


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As a fresher, it is very important to choose your first employer and begin your new chapter of life. What you learn early remains with you forever but not what you earn.

Job or a working opportunity, confused? What is the big difference?
Many freshers get confused; I was also one of them when I started my career. Let me clarify it. 
For me:
A Job - is just to earn and live your life.
A Work Opportunity - is to learn with earn, dream big & live your passion.
As a fresher, it is very important to choose your first employer and begin your new chapter of life.
You need to give more importance to learning over earning. You are just at the beginning of your career. What you learn early remains with you forever but not what you earn. Learning takes you to where you cannot even imagine. Gives you job satisfaction. Learning is endless.  The more we learn; logical & practical we become. The confidence & competency multiplies. It prepares you to assume & accept more and more challenges and take risks in life.
Join a place where you are encouraged to learn, be creative, apply your thoughts. Be a big fish in a small pond; not a small fish in a big pond. Select a place, where you are recognized, encouraged and honored for your talent.
Monotonous work, where everything is supervised and dictated, will kill your desire for creativity at very early age, and you will stop experimenting and learning. Do not become a machine to execute the terms set by superiors.
Be a free thinker, highly passionate about what you do. 
In big MNCs, you are rarely recognized, and your voice is hardly heard. You become one among the big group and a machine to execute the terms. You are not closely watched to identify your strengths & weaknesses and provide proper training and mentoring. Corporate politics is yet another big issue you should keep fighting every day.  I have seen even professionals at the top management level feeling frustrated of these politics issues in their day to day life. 
​As a fresher, I joined a consultancy firm, spent 2.5 years learnt just the backend operations, nothing much. Whereas my 2nd company in only 2 years I was trained in every phase of recruitment and headhunting. I was lucky to be associated with a small company, and which was a start-up recruitment firm in Bangalore. I got an opportunity to interact with the founder and share her experiences, learnt a lot. It made me a proficient headhunter, HR professional. Close interactions were priceless which cannot be measured by any means. I still remain indebted to my Mentor. 
Decide where you want to be: Creative ideas to simplify the solution or process which complicates the solution
​The simple difference between big MNCs and SMBs is that you are treated as an asset in SMBs whereas in big MNCs you are just an employee who can easily be replaced by another resource.  

Give more importance to your career opportunity, learning, where you can build your career, but not to the brand and infrastructure.  Without knowledge and expertise, even if you had associated with Top MNCs you are not welcomed. In long run, what matters most is your learning not where you learnt. 
As a HR professional, I had closely watched many professionals who come out with frustration, for simple reason that they are not treated well, recognized or not given the opportunity that was promised at the time of interview.  ​
​Think carefully and choose wisely your first employer​
"Reserve your life for PRIDE but not for REGRETS"
Live your passion.  Good luck.​

At ShimBi Labs, we encourage fresh graduate to come and join our team. Experiment, explore, learn and build creative solutions of tomorrow. 

~ Apporva KK

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Apporva KK is Founder & Proficient Headhunter at KN Global Recruiters
Her organisations primary focus is on IT recruitments in India & abroad. Current focus is on SAP Recruitment.
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