Top 8 Benefits Of Using Pinterest For A Small Business


Posted on 13 Apr 2016 09:09 in Small Business Hacks by Rahul Chowath

Why can Pinterest bring more traffic to your website? Here are top 8 reasons we believe you should know for your #Startup Or #SmallBusiness marketing.

Pinterest is the dais that signifies visual imagery at its best. Why to waste time reading lengthy text when you have the option of surmising all information in seconds through images and infographics. Moreover, companies have the freedom to display their work and market their products using creativity and panache. All these factors add upon the idea of building the brand image and user trust from the ground up. By ingeniously organizing your pin board into categories that define the products and services offered, you get to explore a whole lot of possibilities and these benefits just go to prove that.


1. Rich pins
Businesses can cash in on this feature with little or no effort on their part. Basically, a rich pin adds some extra information on the pin itself through one of these 6 types:

  • App pins: This one has got an install button within the pin itself, allowing users to download from the Pinterest platform. (Currently, only available for iOS apps).
  • Movie pins: This one includes ratings, cast members and reviews to cater to all the movie buffs out there.
  • Recipe pins: The obvious inclusions to this pin would be ingredients, cooking tips, and serving information. Foodies can rest in peace knowing that visual feasts for all their favorite recipes are available.
  • Article pins: Headlines, authors and story descriptions can help pinners create reading lists by saving stories that matter to them.
  • ​Product pins: This one is the real gem for all small businesses wherein they get to include real-time pricing, availability and locations.
  • Place pins: Travelers get to experience their next adventure through included maps, addresses

Goes without saying that every company out there can experiment with a different kind of rich pin definite to their needs and prospective user-base.


2. Hyper-targeted content
Prioritizing content in any user's feed is essential as cluttered feeds and irrelevant information lead to lose of interest and appeal. Twitter and Facebook have yet to rectify this aspect and eventually lose out on a dedicated customer-base.


Enter Pinterest users are given full liberty to follow individual boards rather than entire brand profiles giving them a heightened sense of control in their feeds. As an enterprise, all you need to do is create multiple boards to signify multiple dimensions of your company.


3. Longer life cycle of content.
Simple reasoning cemented by research points to the fact that Pinterest content lasts longer than Twitter and Facebook content. Pinterest can thank their targeted content segmentation for that. Moreover, 80% of content consists of re-pins. Users are taking the major brunt of promoting your company for you. All you need to fulfil from your side is to be consistent with your creative, classy pins and boards.


4. Platform for Ideation
The underlying principle on which Pinterest came to be famous was simple – Inspiration. People look to Pinterest for ideas for their blog, website or product. It’s a visual discovery tool that houses one of the largest circle of creative people. All included pins, images, and infographics add into that pool of bottomless individuality and companies can use this platform for 2 primary purposes:

  • Either tap into this pool for the benefit of your own enterprise,
  • Or hone yourself into a key figure that people look up to for ideation and innovation.


5. Free Price Alerts
This feature is the latest Pinterest addition and works on a very simple principle. Users who have re-pinned and liked your content get notifications or automatic emails when prices are slashed and notified on the forum. In elementary terms, Free Sales Promotion.


6. Greater ROI
Research has proven that the average spending threshold of a Pinterest user is much higher as compared to a Twitter or Facebook user. Logic dictates that top quality traffic leading to your website through Pinterest leads to higher return on investment. All-in-all, it’s a win-win for companies making smart use of social media.


7. Extension of your website
Smart enterprises have begun to realize the potential in bridging the gap between textual content on their website and visual expression on their Pinterest account. You get to build on your online marketing activities by creating visual versions of all static content be it, the history of your business, testimonials or even something as fundamental as the “About Us” board. Infographics are the way into the future and Pinterest provides you the perfect platform for that.


8. Collaboration Space
Pinterest can be made fun by making it a group activity. You designate boards’ specific for collaboration purpose and rope in individuals (team members, customers, even competitors). It’s the perfect way to get one’s creative juices flowing through brainstorming and sharing ideas, and more importantly, it gives you the power to define not only your brand, but the people and passion behind it as well. What better way to score loyalty points.


Ultimately, the showground is ruled by one concept: “Content is King.” Pinterest puts that concept to full use and companies might as well use the opportunity to demonstrate expertise and credibility in their field.


Tell us your experience and experiments with Pinterest in the comment section.


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