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Posted on 25 Jun 2020 18:06 in Shimbi Labs Products
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

Today's market is so flooded with products that it is difficult to decide from where to buy. Before purchasing from a famous foreign company do check local Indian alternatives. You will be surprised that they are more cost efficient and of better quality!

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The market is flooded with Indian as well as foreign products. Various companies and brands make similar products and this has made the consumer very confused. But people prefer to buy foreign products thinking that it is of better quality. Be it fashion, food, hardware or software the consumer feels that foreign products are better.


Maybe the Indian alternative is better than the foreign one but the people buy mostly due to the value of the brand name. This mentality has to change.


The government of India from the past few years has started popularizing and encouraging the use of Indian products.


Are Foreign products really better than Indian alternatives?

I would say that foreign products are of high quality but that doesn't mean that Indian products are not. Indian product are as good as foreign products. The Indian market is developing and improving day by day.


There are some sectors in which foreign products are better but that is due to the advanced technology used by the developed countries. Their machinery is advanced and more effective. But in India we have ‘Man Power’.


We cannot afford to use expensive machinery as it will lead to a loss of jobs as lesser manpower will be required to run a factory or a company.


Changing consumer behaviour

The consumer behavior is changing day by day. They are now preferring Indian products over foreign commodity. They have also started buying good and services online from websites/stores.


The convenience of online shopping is such that people prefer to buy groceries online too!!


The consumer support given towards Indian brands and companies not only boosts sales of Indian companies but also drives them to do better. They are encouraged to improve as the market supports them.


Many startups and entrepreneurs are also motivated because they know that the market demands home based and indigenously made products.


It boosts the Indian economy

Buying Indian products boosts the economy because here money is transferred from one Indian to another. It does not go in the pockets of a foreign multi-national company.


This regular flow of cash helps Indians grow their business and improves their quality of life. It also helps in the growth of rural and the unmanaged sector of the Indian economy.


Encouraging buying Indian products does not mean that we should boycott foreign products. Foreign investments too help the country grow. The government tries to encourage foreign investment as well as protect Indian goods.


It formulates economic strategies that promote foreign investment at the same time protect the Indian market.


Government Policies

The government in the past few years has initiated various programs to boost Indian products. ‘Make in India’ was one such initiative. It was a type of Swadeshi movement covering over 25 sectors of the Indian economy. It encouraged companies to manufacture their products in India. Hence, invest in manufacturing.


During this pandemic and anti-China mood of all the countries, our government has initiated the ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhyan’ (self-reliant India). This initiative was to reform the economy due to losses and hardship faced by the people because of the Coronavirus lockdown.


Many slogans such as ‘Vocal for Local’ have been popularized. This helps in spreading awareness amongst the people to purchase Indian goods over branded foreign products.


Indian SaaS companies

There are numerous Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies flooding the internet. But due to lack of awareness we feel that there are only a few and we tend to buy them even though cheaper and better alternatives are present.


Did you know that 7864 Software-as-a-Service startups were founded in India between the years 2010 and 2019?


They provide various software’s such as CRM, Business Intelligence Platforms, Invoicing software, Video Conferencing Software, Project Management and Expense Management Software, Website and Store builder, Online Backup Software, Accounting software and many more.


But we are unaware of that. We stick to foreign companies such as WordPress, Zoom, Cisco, Southern California Edison, Shopify, Wix and various others.


Rather than blindly purchasing their products you should research on Indian alternatives. One such company is ShimBi Labs. A Pune based SaaS company. It provides 4 software’s which will make your life easier.


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