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Posted on 16 May 2016 10:49 in Small Business Hacks
by Rimi Sharma

Budo is a website builder with which one can create and modify one’s website and get unlimited access to revisions.

Use Budo to make your unique and effective website that really works!


What is Budo?
Budo is a website builder with which one can create and modify one’s website and get unlimited access to revisions. Budo is also a CMS (Content Management System), which lets multiple users control and edit the same website using the same or different user IDs and passwords. 


Why Budo?
For free! Yes, with Budo you can give wings to your creativity and dreams for no costs at all. Although there are some paid plans for additional resources, you can still create a simple blog or website for free.


At ShimBi Labs, we believe that a veiled artist lies in all of us and that this artist should be given the right platform to unleash his/her imagination. This is the reason why Budo has the ‘no hidden cost’ policy for its users. All you need to do is to get yourself signed up on the website and follow the steps. Soon you will realise you are done making your new website in a matter of few minutes!


Who can use?
Budo has everything that you would need to create your online presence be it a website or blog or store. Design your beautiful website exactly the way you want. Budo has something for everyone, so whether you’re a doctor, photographer, musician, small business owner, school, Budo provides everything you need to create your stunning website.


Features Budo Provides



1. Drop it down or fold it up: Menu
One reason why making a website with Budo is a simple task is because of the availability of many features which is made for all kinds of users. The ‘Menu’ feature is such that it lets the users or the website developers add as many menus as they wish to. Doing so enables the visitors to navigate easily through the website.


The more links you add to your website, the more easily the visitor can get through to the product that they desire. You can even utilize the ‘Sub-Menu’ option to simplify this navigation further. 


2. Flip and Flip: Pages
Budo provides the users with an unlimited number of pages to add to their website. ShimBi Labs believes that a good story needs to be told to its entirety and has therefore provided its users with the facility to add numerous pages to an artist’s blog.


A website can never be successful unless its visitors are satisfied. Add more pages, add more content, add more information to your website and weave a story that has never been told before.


3. Breaking News
For those who are planning to launch their websites and keep their visitors updated with the latest news and information about their products or any new launches in the market, this feature makes their work all the easier. Everything about your organization can be found here with just one click.


4. Add a little of your touch: Theme
With this feature, anyone can make their website or blog speak for itself. You can add colors, change fonts, edit the background and make lots of other changes to make the website more attractive and well-suited for your ideas. You are not required to know any computer languages to do this- just go to the ‘Settings’ menu and ‘Themes’ option. Make the alterations you wish to make, and you’re done!


The sky is the limit when it comes to editing and designing your blog with Budo because there is a lot you can do here!


5. Easy Money with Banners
‘Banner’ is that feature which lets the users add banners to their blogs and websites. This option is for those who wish to display advertisements of their products, offers, competitions or any forms of notifications. 


If you are expecting a considerable amount of visitors on your website, this feature will help you in earning some extra bucks by letting you easily post advertisements on your page. Add links to similar products and websites and keep adding money to your account.


6. Plan Ahead with Calendar
The ‘Calendar’ feature of Budo lets the user showcase dates for events on their website. In addition to this, the Budo calendar is a special one on its own. How so? Well, using the Budo calendar the user will be able to invite guests to events, get the RSVPs and make guest lists at the click of a button. The calendar feature has a theme for itself and this feature also lets visitors share the link to the calendar on other websites and social networking sites.


7. Tell Your Story through Photos
Who doesn’t like an attractive photo that goes well with a story line? If you are selling your products through your websites, use the ‘Photos’ feature. It is easy to use and lets one upload photos to their website and blogs in two ways- upload photos directly or make an album. 



You will find the options to add photos to your website at the top bar on the ‘Admin’ page. This feature was designed to make the experience easier for you. Customize your blog and website with high-quality, beautiful pictures and attract new visitors every day!


There is so much more to do when you create your website with Budo. The easy-to-use and comfortable navigation interface of the website makes every user fall in love with the experience of making their very own website and adding a touch of their uniqueness to their websites. Anyone can become a website designer with Budo! 


So why wait? Get started with making your website without any professional help!


Budo is for everyone, be it corporate websites or websites for small & medium size businesses, family website or personal website.


Here is a small insight into the plans that Budo provides for its customers:

  • Free: This is a basic plan which is free of cost for a lifetime. It is targeted towards beginners and to those who are just getting started with their business.
  • Startup: This plan costs only $17 per year and is suitable for all newly built businesses or enterprises.
  • Business:  This plan works best for any commercial business as it comes at an affordable price of $34 per year.
  • Enterprise: Ideal for any enterprise, this plan comes with unlimited pages to add at a cost of just $51 every year.


Please note that to make your website through Budo, you are required to either buy a domain name or use the one you may have already purchased. 


Wishing you a great start ahead!


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