My experience of working at ShimBi Labs

Posted on 09 Aug 2020 09:09 in Shimbi Insights
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

In today's article, I am going to talk about my experience of working as an intern at ShimBi Labs.


Being a student, I really wanted to get an internship. As I am interested in writing and creating content, content writing was my first choice.


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, my college announced a one-month vacation. With time in my hands, I wanted an internship, which will help me be productive.


How did I come across ShimBi Labs?

After searching and applying at various places, one fine day, I went to the Shimbi Labs career page. I saw an opening for content writing (It appears that they are not accepting this position, for now, so check back again). I applied, and to my surprise, I got a quick response from CEO Shimbi Labs, Mr. Siddharth Deshmukh himself. After some dialogue, I got the internship.


(Interesting part to note, Shimbi Labs don't have hiring specialists, Founder themselves do the hiring, and I think this is the best thing to happen to be hired by founders themself.)


My first internship

I started on the 1st of May, so it has been three months. As a content writer and fresher, this internship is nothing but a blessing.

I have 0 months of experience as a content writer, and this is my first internship; hence I was nervous about my performance. But in this helpful, supportive, and motivating environment, I strive to do better each day.


Creative freedom as a writer

All content writers want their creative freedom. They want to express themselves with minimum or no censorship. That is so encouraging at ShimBi Labs. I am not given any particular topic or a rigid area on which I have to write.


I can write on any topic I feel is essential and will add value to the blog page.


How has Mr. Deshmukh motivated me?

I am always encouraged by Mr. Deshmukh to read other blogs from various other sites and to take inspiration from them.


He even provided me a reference material on how to write blogs and on what topics to write. Reading articles from other writers helps me improve my skills.


Not only on content development, but he also teaches guided me on how to present it. As the saying goes, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression," the blogs need to be eye-catching. Or else the audience will be bored with it and won't read.

After submitting each blog, he personally goes through them and sends me his feedback. His words act as a positive reinforcement for me to work harder.


Interviewing opportunity

After a month of writing blogs on various topics, I had a chance to interview him on the occasion of completion of 15 years in the business of Shimbi Labs.


To read this interview, click here.


In July, I got a second chance to interview him on the selection and recruitment procedure of Shimbi Labs.


To read and watch the video of this interview, click here.


This has enhanced my public speaking and interviewing skills. As an aspiring journalist, these hands-on experiences have been amazing.


Problems faced by Content writers

Freelancers and content writers face many problems. They don't have a 9-5 job or an office. Most of them work from home. A lot of them are students like me and work whenever they get time after their classes.


Some companies provide a list of topics on which articles and blogs need to be written. They also have a strict deadline. Hence, they have to work a lot and are always stocked up with work.


At Shimbi Labs, I have been assigned only 1 article per week, so I have enough time in my hands to research, write, and proofread it.

For many freelancers, timely payment is also an issue. Most companies pay according to the word count. So, the longer the article, the better you get paid. Unfortunately, many writers unnecessarily increase the word count to get better pay, but this decreases the quality of the articles.


In this internship, I have a flexible word limit, and my pay is fixed. So even if my word count is a little less or more, my fee is not hampered.


Plus, it is a work from a home internship!

Shimbi Labs has now turned into a fully remote company. This means that everyone can work from the location they like. They are not bound to come to the office or live in Pune to work here. So, you can work on your own terms! All you need to have is the will to learn and improve yourself. The spirit of owning your mistakes and learn. The courage to ask when you need help. The creativity to think something out of the box. To cooperate and communicate efficiently.


Communication is the key

Shimbi Labs is a remote company; clear communication is crucial. You need to communicate your ideas, problems, and work time.


For me, I directly communicate with Mr. Deshmukh. We talk via skype or email.


If you think you have that in you and want a creative, fun, and learning experience, find companies like ShimBi Labs and apply right away!


The ideal internship awaits you!


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