Should a freelancer have a personal website?

Posted on 16 Oct 2021 22:37 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

Having a Linkedin profile alone will not get you enough freelance jobs. To attract more opportunities, you must create something unique, such as a PERSONAL WEBSITE!


Are you a freelancer trying to increase your visibility on LinkedIn and other job sites to secure work?


Then let me tell you in on a secret. To stay ahead in the game, you need something unique. Something other freelancers do not have. Everyone has a LinkedIn account with their details and sample work, but how many have a personal website? Not many freelancers care to have their own website, and that is the secrete.

You must have your own website!


Personal website vs CV
BOTH a personal website and a CV are crucial to get freelance work. They are not interchangeable. This means that only making a website is not enough. You need to make a CV for yourself. A website supplements your CV and acts as your digital/virtual CV.


A website acts as an online gallery of your work. You can talk about yourself, your passion, work, and dreams over here. After creating an up-to-date website you can add it to your CV and social media accounts.


Interested recruiters can go through it and get a more personal and insightful experience. This will give you an upper hand over freelancers who just have a CV. 


A website opens a window of new opportunities
As a freelancer one is always looking out for new clients. A website helps clients reach you rather than you reaching them. 


For example, if a Delhi-based company needs a freelance photographer for a shoot the recruiters might not take the effort of putting out an ad on a job website for it.


They will right away search on the internet for “freelance photographers in Delhi”. If you have a website your name and your website will show up. Even if you are not in Delhi the internet will show your website because of the keywords ‘freelance photographer’. 


If you are a freelance writer, social media manager, designer, programmer, then a website will help you gain national as well as international clients because you can sit in any corner of the world and work for people sitting in any corner!


This way others will know about your skills and services without you having to pitch it to them. The recruiters can browse through your website and contact you via the details you provide. 


Then you'll have the upper hand in deciding whether you'd like to work or not.


Personal websites add a touch of professionalism
A personal website adds finesse to your virtual personality as a freelancer. Recruiters might not meet the freelancer with whom they will work hence building trust is crucial to get the job.


A website helps in gaining trust as it shows others your passion and dedication towards your work. It makes recruiters feel as if they were a part of your journey and that they know you personally. 


This personal connection is what decides whether you'll get hired or not. 


It also shows how confident you are about your work. Others might be afraid of showing the world what talent they have. A website reflects how proud and confident you are about your work, how sure you are about contributing and solving problems for your client and so much more.


On your website, you can add blogs, photos, videos, contact details. All these tools will show professionalism because every freelancer has a LinkedIn account but very few have a website. 


A personal website will boost your business
As your visibility increases and opportunities come to your doorstep your work will increase and your income will increase.


As freelancers getting more clients and jobs is the way to get a regular stream of income. A website contributes significantly as it increases your visibility a hundred times! 


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