Simple tips for taking great food photos for your food business

Posted on 16 Feb 2021 21:00 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

Good food photography means more than just taking snaps of what's on your plate. You need to follow certain rules to make the most of the stunning colors, textures, and shapes. Read along to know how food photography can help you increase your sales.

All of us are guilty of scrolling through amazing pictures of cakes, pizzas, burgers, juices, and other delicious food that make us drool. If the photos are clicked right, it can make us drool over them and find out where they are being made. We might even purchase it just by looking at how irresistible it is!


Food photography can make or break your business.
Be it a home bakery, catering services, café, or a restaurant. It is essential to click attractive pictures of your food items that capture the essence of the dish. 


These pictures are very useful for uploading on social media, blogs, websites, and apps. It can also be used while making menus, flyers, or print media such as newspapers and magazines. It will strengthen your business's social media marketing strategy. It will make a difference in your sales, publicity, and engagement with the audience. 


What do you do before purchasing from a new café, restaurant, or home business?
Before going to a café or restaurant, most of us check out the place's social media handle. People also check its reviews on apps such as Zomato. Here the food pictures come into play. If the photographs satisfy the person's expectation, they'll visit the café. If it doesn't, then the shop will be losing out on business. 


As the saying goes, "You eat with your eyes first." Now first, people look at the pictures of the food and then decide whether to purchase or not. 


Even if your products are unique and tasty, if your pictures do not show that, you will be in a hard spot in the getting business. Your competitors' products might be mediocre, but people will reach them first if the pictures make it seem mouth-watering.


But do not worry about food photography you don't need any fancy equipment. You can do it with your mobile phone camera too. To know how you can click professional-looking photographs with your phone, click here!


Plating and composition of the pictures
Apart from the lighting, angles, and background of the dish, the plating and composition play a key role. The plating needs to be such that it brings out the best aspect of the food. For example, if you are plating a brownie with ice cream dessert, you should keep in mind the following things:


Plating and composition of brownies


  • Plate the desert on a fancy plate such as a ceramic grey or beige plate or a fancy glass plate.
  • Neatly cut out the brownies and assemble 1 to 2 pieces.
  • Add ice cream on one corner of the plate or top of one of the pieces of brownie.
  • Add some additional elements such as fruits like strawberries, chocolate spread, cocoa powder drizzle, chocolate shaving, or any other sauce to add some color to the plate.
  • Put the plate on a nice table and take pictures of it.
  • You can also add additional elements outside the plate, such as chocolate pieces, spoons, and other cutlery, fruits, to add some more color and composition.


You can follow these steps for any dish. Stretch your limits of imagination in plating and decorating your food. Adding small details such as leaves, sprinkles, sauces, drips, and neatly cut vegetables can go a long way in bringing out the picture's aesthetic. 


Pro tip – take close-up pictures of your food to show the sauce's drip, highlight the juicy fruits or meat, and show the frost on food. 


People love to see the close-ups!


Few more simple tips, which you click food with your mobile!

  1. Shoot in natural light.
  2. Take care of the shadows.
  3. Use a neutral background.
  4. Think about colors.
  5. Shoot from different angles. Select the best.
  6. Add human elements.
  7. Enhance photo with editing and filters.
  8. Keep the lens free from dust and scratches.


Food videos
Why only limit yourself to photographs when you can record videos too!


Instagram now also has options of Instagram reels and IGTV. Here you can record either short 15-30 second videos or long videos and upload them!


People love watching food videos and love to know what goes on behind the scenes. This way, people can see the effort that goes behind making the delicacies. 


Photography – the strength of cloud kitchens
People who sell via their website or social media handle and do not have a shop or an eating joint rely on photography. People cannot taste their food without ordering, and what will lead them to order from these cloud kitchen services?


Its photographs! 


Many cloud kitchens have opened up. So, you have to be on the top. Apart from the pictures' quality, you also need to be consistent in uploading them so that the audience is repeatedly reminded of your brand.


Captions of the photographs are also important. It should describe the food and give the reader some insight into its flavors.


The taste matters!
Food photography can give you a head start in your food business. It can influence people's purchasing decisions, but your products need to be good and taste better than the picture to sustain your business. If the customer is happy with the purchase, he will buy again from you. 


The burger should be as juicy as shown in the photograph


Hope this blog helps you click amazing food photo and take your food business to the next level. You are welcome to share your experience and tips with us in the comment section.


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