Staying Ahead in Content Marketing: The Future Trends You Need to Know

Posted on 24 Mar 2023 18:57 in Small Business Hacks
by Fatema Electricwala


Content Marketing is a marketing strategy to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience by producing and disseminating valuable, pertinent, and consistent content. One of the best methods for a business to build its brand identity, attract customers, and keep an engaged audience is through a solid content marketing strategy. It enables you to project legitimacy, establish authority in your sphere of influence, and foster trust with the people you're attempting to influence. The world of content marketing isn’t static. The landscape of the practice is constantly changing. 


Since it is dynamic, it is a difficult topic to pin down – one with an interesting past and an intriguing future. It's crucial to understand both where it's been and where it's going out of genuine interest and forward-thinking pragmatism.


To understand perspective on both, let us look at how content marketing has evolved and how it will evolve in the future. 


How Content Marketing Evolved in the Past Decade


Google – The Hero 
2011 saw the release of Google's historic Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) study. It was shown that 88% of consumers engage in what is known as a "Zero Moment of Truth," a period in the purchasing cycle where a customer analyzes a product before making a purchase. This study captured the essence of the need to focus on content marketing. 

The need for sound Search Engine Optimization (SEO) came to the forefront. The change demonstrated Google's ongoing efforts to give users satisfying and beneficial online experiences.


Social media – The Hot Ticket 
The unstoppable rise of social media had a great deal of impact on the practice. As social media evolved, it popularized a different kind of content consumption than search engines. 

Search engines are used by users to find content more specifically. In general, when you use a search engine, you're looking for information on a certain question or topic. Users were able to consume content more passively on their favourite channels - thanks to social media. This pattern encouraged the development of more attention-grabbing, shareable material that could quickly spread throughout social media platforms. 


The rise of video 
Subsequently, as the decade went on, video also became one of the most popular content marketing formats, especially with younger consumers. Video was inherently a more engaging platform as compared to blogs or newsletters. YouTube took a central stand during this time.


How Content Marketing Is Evolving and Will Evolve in the Next Decade 

The continued trend of Video 

Video marketing has become increasingly popular and significant over the past 10 years, making it a trend that has just begun and is not expected to fade away anytime soon. A lot of marketers believe that video has increased the understanding of their product or service. While YouTube still remains at the top, other platforms like Instagram Reels and TikToks are catching up quickly. 


The increased use of Mobile Phones 

Mobile device usage is increasingly taking an upturn and it's in every content marketer's best interest to keep pace with that trend. Smartphone users should have no trouble navigating blogs. It would also be quite helpful if your audience can watch videos that are easily available on mobile devices. Your mobile resources must be just as effective for prospects and customers as your desktop ones. Via newly developing forms of media, this shift toward mobile will also offer new opportunities. The future of content marketing will very much involve more cutting-edge mobile technology, such as virtual and augmented reality. 


While it's impossible to predict exactly how the algorithm will alter in the future, one thing is certain: marketers must concentrate on producing high-quality content that consumers will be interested in. That entails knowing your audience and making a significant effort to reach them in the most effective way. It is always important to keep an eye for new challenges and trends but also not to forget the old and golden marketing fundamentals. 



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