The power of observation.

Posted on 20 Oct 2022 10:00 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

Seeing and observing are worlds apart. People who leverage the power of observation stand unique in their profession. Want to know how it helps you as a freelancer? Read along!

If you make listening and observation your occupation you will gain much more than you can by talking.  - Robert Baden-Powell

The power of observation is way more than we can comprehend. Good observation can lead to a generation of great ideas, enhanced memories, better investigation (like Sherlock Holmes), and an edge over the rest.

Good observation has endless advantages. It can make you appear to be the smartest in the room. Just observe and say the most basic thing that everyone unconsciously overlooks and everyone will be amazed by it. It is the most common and basic thing that we overlook every single day that has the potential to unlock your mind and growth.

Great observation is a key skill that is taught to researchers, investigators, scientists, and various other professionals. This is because they need good observation to work in that profession. But great observation is not limited to them.

Do freelancers need good observation skills?

Ye,' they do! Let me give you various examples to show how great observation is beneficial for freelancers-

A writer with keen observation will notice more things around him and can write better and more unique things that others don't.

For copywriters, advertisers, and marketers good observation can help them notice an underlying behavioral pattern of consumers. Then they can advertise better and sell more!

A good eye is very important for photographers. Accordingly, they can adjust the lighting, angles, and background and compose a great photograph.

So on and so forth mostly every profession requires good observation. But people don't give it importance and overlook it all the time. The ones who don't become better than the rest and have an edge over them. They climb up the ladder fast. They become renowned in their area and can even charge a premium for their services.

Why do freelancer writers need good observation skills?

Writing is such a profession that it has no end to it. Good writing can make or break novels, movies, essays, brands and so much more.

But in today's world, everyone who knows how to read and write believes he or she is a writer. But that is not true. Writing takes a lot more than good vocabulary. It requires knowing how to convey the message to the audience clearly, using fewer words. It's like painting a picture but with words. It makes people open their minds, use their imagination, learn absorb and reflect.

Different types of writers

All writers are not the same. Everyone niche in a specific field. Some are good at writing novels, and some at love stories, thrillers, educational content, poems, blogs, articles, movies, entertainment content and so much more.

Different writers have different skills hence the power of observation helps them in different ways.

A witty writer can observe the fine things around them and make comments on them. They can see the humor in the most mundane things. Comedians use the power of observation while writing their gig. This creates relatability with the audience because they also see these things but they do not register it because they do not observe them.

Academic writers, observe how students are studying, and consuming educational content, patterns and preference and they curate content accordingly.

Entertainment writers observe trends, human behavior, and social, political, and cultural environment around the world and curate content.

This way every writer can leverage the power of observation to be better than the rest.

How can freelancers inculcate this habit in their lives?

Nobody can observe 24/7. Everyone zones out after a point of time because observing is a very strenuous job. It needs you to use all your senses to gather as much information as possible.

Start observing in areas where you specialize. Conscious try and observe what people are doing and what's happening around you. Whenever you go out or in a new environment, try to observe till you reach fatigue.

After a point observation will become a habit and it won't take a toll on you.

This skill will enrich your life with insights that will help you produce quality work that sets you apart from the crowd.


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