Tips for creating a website for a nonprofit organization

Posted on 24 Aug 2020 17:00 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

There are several nonprofit organisations in today's world. If you want to spread more awareness for your cause and receive more donations, then create your website now. Spread your motto and vision. Here are some tips to help you create your website!

What is a Nonprofit organization?

Most businesses are done to earn a profit. But certain organizations are established with the purpose of not making a profit. They work for the betterment of society and humanity at large.


They generate income from public donations and utilize that money for welfare work. Usually, these donations are exempted from taxes because they further a social cause and provide a public benefit.


Importance of creating a website

Do you own a nonprofit organization?

If yes, you should invest in building and designing a website more than anything else. The website plays a key role in promoting your nonprofit organization and its vision beyond peer-to-peer recommendations.


You cannot only rely on phone calls, emails, and event marketing to publicize yourself. Be creative and make your website. The site will help you broaden your reach.


The website allows you to interact with new and previous donors. You can also build a relationship with potential donors and advocate your cause.


Update your website for your activities and solicit donations for your cause. It's convenient and secure and will attract more people.


Tips while creating your website

Careful efforts need to put into creating a website for your nonprofit organization. If it is not attractive, informative, convenient to browse, people will not stay on it for a long time.


A website for a nonprofit organization should be engaging. Here are a few tips on how you can create or improve your existing website:


1. Beautiful imagery - attractive images is a crucial aspect of building a website. Images have a stronger impact than words. Use compelling images to showcase your work. Make a good logo that reflects your cause and vision. Whenever donor's see your logo and style, they'll instantly know it's your nonprofit they're interacting with.


2. Make your vision crystal clear – your website should reflect your goal and vision. The person browsing your site should understand it in a few seconds! If your goal is to eradicate poverty in third world countries, show images, graphics, and data charts that tells the story. It will help you in creating a brand image for your cause. 


3. Use content to your advantage- when a person arrives on your websites, the first 10 seconds are very crucial. Hence, make the best use of it. Please encourage them to help you make a change.


Use meaningful content in the form of quotes, videos, infographics, and images to attract the viewer. Good and meaningful content helps creates sympathy and empathy and encourages the chances of them coming back to your website and make donations.


4. Make your website donor friendly- donations are the core of nonprofit organizations. Hence, attracting maximum contributions will help you achieve your goal.


Make your website donor friendly. A good rule of thumb: Try to keep supporters just one click away from your donation form no matter where they are on your website.


Call to action like "Donate now" should be present everywhere. With one click, the donor should be redirected to the payment portal.


5. An individual is useful - You can also keep an option of creating an account. People can sign up and create an account. Here you can send them receipts of donations received, gift cards, and many other things.


Donors can save their payment details and can have an overview of the amount they have donated.


You can also show them exclusive content only for members. For example, you can show pictures of the work you have done with their money and send them blogs about your programs and initiatives.


6. Make volunteer recruiting better

If you are recruiting volunteers for your cause, then design a recruiting page. It should be easy to navigate, so that maximum people visit it.


Along with internships and volunteering, you can also add virtual internships and volunteering services. This will allow people who believe in your cause to contribute from their home.


During the Coronavirus lockdown, people were unable to leave their houses, but they still actively participated in virtual volunteering.

Many nonprofit organizations and other individuals made their online petitions demanding justice, equality, freedom, economic relief, and various other issues.


7. Make your website mobile-friendly -  in recent people, use mobile more than laptops for web surfing, payments, and shopping. For the added convenience of net banking, mobile banking and mobile wallets have made users more dependent on the mobile. Hence, make your website mobile-friendly is essential.


8. Connect your website with social media platforms- for spreading awareness; you need to be visible where people hang out. We all know they more and more hang out on different social media. So be there and spread awareness and increase donations. Connect your website to your social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more.


9. Blog - Having a blog and posting updates of your activity, upcoming events, and the news is important. A blog can come handy, and it also helps you improve your search engine rankings. 


So, these are some of the tips to make an effective website for your nonprofit organization. If you are low on budget or wish to the DIY website, check out Budo, it is an easy and advanced tool to make your website the way you want.


Budo helps you design your website in less than a day and without knowing any technical skills. It has various layouts, designs, color options, etc. that will help you create an attractive mobile-friendly website.


We also offer FREE .org domain for the first year for NGOs and NPOs.

Contact us for more details.



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