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Posted on 03 Jun 2021 12:12 in Web & App Design
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

Keeping your website up-to date is one of the crucial things that attract viewers. High speed, aesthetic look, new updates, attract the eyes of the viewers and convert them to customers. Read along to know more!

The strength of online businesses has boosted over the past few years. People selling from brick-and-mortar shops have realized its power and have made a website for their business as well. But only making a website is not enough to boost your business. Your website needs to be visible to people to get many visitors that might convert to a customer.


When the customer searches any keyword related to your business, your website should be on top of the Google Search result. If it is on the second page of the search result, then is it invisible and irrelevant. Nobody scrolls through Google search results; they always click the links which catch their eye first. All you need to do is make sure that your website is over there and stays there for a long time. 


To keep your viewers always attracted to your website, you need to update it from time to time. Now you may have many questions regarding what to update, when to updates, etc., so let's dive into those questions so that you get a clear idea about it!


Why should you update the website?
The website reflects who you are. With the rapid developments in technology, regularly updating your website is a must, or else your website will lag and have outdated features.


The best way to rebrand your company is via your website. Many big corporate and food companies have rebranded themselves over the years via changing their website and marketing campaigns.

Updating your website brings freshness. When customers repeatedly visit your website, they will not be bored.


How often should the website be updated?
It's advisable to revamp your website every 3 or 4 years entirely. You can change the layout, colors, and overall look of your website.


Every 3 to 4 months, your website should be serviced. This means checking the website's overall speed and loading time, update different Landing pages and page links. The faster the website speed, the better it is because people love quick-loading websites. 


Look at the content of your site; do they need updates? As the year passes, businesses also evolve, your content should also update. If your products and services are fast-rolling in nature, then you may need to update those pages more often than others. 


What should be updated on the website? 
As the quote goes, 'there is always scope for improvement.' Everything on the website can be improved and updated. Here is a checklist for you that will make your work easier:

  • Update your website regularly for new products and services.
  • Check for outdated pictures, animations, and banners on your website; replace them with a fresh one.
  • Remove everything, not in use or no more relevant.
  • Update blogs at least 4 times a month.
  • Regularly check website links to make sure all of them are working.
  • Update your contact information and bio.


How often should the blog page be updated?
As frequent it can be, it's relative, depending on the business you are in and readership. We think a minimum of four times in a month is a good frequency. Not too often, not too long gap.


Though content is king, everyday people absorb content. But the attention span of people has reduced from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. So, depending on your readership and topic, you can select between long-form or short-form content: text Blog or Vide Vlog. Or even mix and balancing all of them.


Your producing content for visitors; keep them in mind.


Whichever form of blog you adopt, make sure it is crisp articles with small sentences and short paragraphs; it makes them easy to read on all devices.


The blog site is crucial to your site. It provides an opportunity to update your prospect about your business and offerings regularly. People may land on your blog page first, read the blog then go on to your homepage. So, a good impression needs to be set. 


How to get fresh content ideas?
The content you upload on your site should be diverse, covering relevant and engaging topics. It should relate to your website visitors and also talk about products or services which you provide. 


To get new content ideas, you can check up Google's most popular searches and write on those keywords on your blog or check-up other great content sites and blogs, which you often like to read, get inspiration from them. 


You can also ask your audience about what kind of content they would like to read. 


These are some of the things you should keep in mind while updating your site. Important is like any other regular offline business; keeping your website up to date is key to success.


If you do not work on your website, it will become outdated, and people will not visit it. As the saying goes, 'life is like a race; if you do not speed up, somebody will beat you.


The same logic applies; if you do not regularly update your website, your competitor will beat you and steal your customer base.


It's time to stop reading and update your website.
The best way to update your website is by doing it yourself!


Your website doesn't allow you to do that?
Then you must check Budo. Budo lets you instantly update your website from anywhere, on all devices.


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