Top 10 reasons for a DJ to have a website

Posted on 28 Feb 2021 09:09 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

Are you a DJ? Thinking about whether making a website is essential or not? Then you must go through this list of top 10 reasons why you should make a website now.

Are you pondering on whether or not you need a website for your DJ band? When social media are freely and easily accessible, you may already have a fabulous online presence. So do you still need a website to stand out as a DJ?


Yes! If you were to ask me as a big music fan. 
Or ask any industry expert who is very busy to go search for you on social media.


The best way to learn about you and access your music is on your website. 


Everyone from people in business to lawyers, teachers, teens, students everyone has access to the net and has an online presence. Professionals have now started putting out their work online to showcase it to more viewers and get a wider audience. So why shouldn't a DJ make one?


Here are the top 10 reasons why you need a DJ website.


1. To make you appear more authentic, professional, and authoritative
No matter how successful you are, or maybe you have just entered the DJing profession, a website legitimizes you. You can write about yourself and your work. This is how people, especially potential clients, will come to know about you and your music. 


It will reflect that you are a professional and do not take your work lightly.


2. To showcase your work
You can showcase some clips of your work, upload some teasers or videos of your performances. On a website, you control the content; hence you can put however much you like.


You can also put your Instagram posts, tweets, and videos over here. You can link all of your social media handles over here. A website is timeless; hence all your content, work, writings, images, and audio will be in one place. It also reflects ownership of your work. 


3. Helps you stand out among others
Most of the DJs have a social media account, such as on Facebook or Instagram. But how many of them have their website


Having your DJ website makes you stand among the crowd. It helps you cut through the noise. It shows your uniqueness and creativity. It takes you up a notch among your competition. The best part is you can show your social media content over here too. Your homepage will be about you and nothing else.


4. To inform people about your tours and performances
You can tell your fans and viewers about your latest gigs, their location, and other details. If you are planning a tour, you can showcase your tentative dates on the website beforehand so that interested people can book their tickets.


5. A portal to book tickets for your performances 
Now, if people want to book passes for your gigs, they can do it easily via your website. Rather than using third-party applications or sites such as Eventbrite or BookMyShow, you can directly encourage your audience to book passes via your website.


It will make it very convenient for them, and you will have total control over the passes and won't have to pay other service providers for this.


6. Your website can help you book more gigs.
Potential clients, agencies can see your work on your website and directly contact you to hire you at their events. A well-maintained homepage inspires confidence in potential clients because it shows your dedication as a professional.


You can use this to your advantage by showcasing only your best work, including your most recent music and videos. You can also list out your previous shows. 


A Google search of your name (or Band, if you have one) where a personal website shows up is always better.


7. Helps you land more prominent clients and shows
The sincerity and commitment you show towards your website will instill trust in the hearts of people. This will help you land more prominent clients and shows. Moreover, a website has large visibility. If you work on your SEO Ranking, your website will show up if anyone searches for a DJ for their event. After that, your work will do the magic.


8. Build your brand online
A website will help you build your brand online. Your fans can view your website for your latest work. A website with a custom domain name has the potential to get you good rankings in relevant searches. This will help you enhance your presence.


9. A space to connect with your followers
In other social media platforms, your content will appear on a common feed along with the work of several other artists. If you want a unique platform to connect with your followers and interact with them, the website is the answer.


It is an exclusive page where you, your fans, and your work can interact.


10. Sell music and merch directly to fans
On your website, sell your music and start other courses relating to DJing. Sell your brand merchandise. This will become an additional source of income for you.


If you are serious about your DJ career, you will want to invest in your dedicated DJ website. As a one-stop-shop, add your music, bio, gig booking, and tour information on your own website with your own unique design. It truly will help you appear more professional to the music industry and your fans alike.



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