Top 10 reasons for a musicians to have a website

Posted on 20 Mar 2021 20:14 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

In today's world, not a day goes by when music is not streamed. Be it at a party, festival, or just relaxation time, music is streamed by one and all. If you are a musician, it is necessary to make your website. Read along to know the top 10 reasons behind

Music always played an important part in our life. Earlier, getting music and playing was quite a task. Then comes many portable devices that set us free from playing it anywhere. Today, with several music streaming options available, just select the music and play it without even downloading it! 


Technological advancement helped music lovers and musicians also; earlier, releasing music independently was difficult, but now any new musician can release music independently. It also increased the competition and options, making it interesting for fans and musicians. 


Many new musicians are gaining a lot of popularity. People follow their favorite musicians. They stream their music on various platforms, buy their merch, visit their concerts, meet and greet events, and other programs. 


Most musicians nowadays heavily depend on Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify to promote and release their music. Earlier it was and later MySpace. shutdown and MySpace is not shut down, but basically moot. Keeping all of their music, photos, and fans there is a mistake, someday Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify, or similar companies also will close. 


All musicians must think long-term. You're going to be creating stuff, making fans, and building relationships for the rest of your life — much longer than these companies will last. So have your own website. 


After stating this most strong reason to have your website, I am here to tell you that you need a website for 10 more top reasons.


1. To increase visibility 
A website will help you in increasing your visibility. For example, you just performed a gig at a café, and it went amazing. Now the audience wants to connect with you and search your name on the web. If you do not have a website, the search may show results for Facebook, YouTube etc., where many others also live, so you are inviting a distraction to look at others too.


If you have a website, it will be the first search result if someone searches your name. And you are inviting them to your home, where only you live.


2. Helps you in publicizing your music
Today I am in the mood of listening to and discovering new pop artists and songs. I go to my search engine and type "New and upcoming pop artists," and your name doesn't come up. Or again comes crowded with others. That is because you don't have a website of your own. 


Hence, make a website, upload your music on it, and write about the music genre you make. So that next time if someone searches for new music, your name is there! 


A website will help you publicize your music. It will make it easier for people to stream it too. There are various music streaming apps, but they require a paid subscription for streaming high-quality music. You can directly upload your music on your website, and people can stream it as and when they like. 


3. Helps you in organizing your shows
Your website will help you organize your concerts and other events. You can put up the date, venue, and prices for your shows' tickets so that people can book their tickets accordingly.


By doing this, you are cutting out the middleman and saving money. You can create a portal so that people can directly purchase their passes from your website. 


More importantly, you should get an SSL Certificate for your website as you will be collecting personal and financial details from your audience. This will protect your website from data breaches. 


4. Gives you an idea about your target audience
If you have a website, you can see the number of viewers, their interaction with your content, and their music streaming trends. You can also do a quick survey of them and get to know them better and their likes and dislikes. 


This will help you create music and other content so that the engagement increases, and so does your popularity. 


5. A website acts as your CV
If you are a budding musician, a website will act as your CV. Bands and music houses while hiring can go through your website and get an idea about your music. 


Your website shows your personality. Rather than just presenting your pen and paper resume, you can add a website link on it too. It will show professionalism. 


6. Website is all about YOU
A website is a digital forum that is all about you. All other social media have content of different people all put together as one. But on a website, you control the content and celebrate yourself and your achievements. 


You can put up your photos, videos, blogs, audio clips, and many other things you like. 


All your fans can find trustworthy information about you over here rather than from an unreliable source. Media houses expect that you have a website so that they can get reliable news about you and your music events. 


7. You can sell your merchandise directly from here
Rather than selling your merchandise via other websites and apps and giving them commission, you can directly sell it via your website.


It will be more authentic, and people will have a more personal connection to it. The experience of shopping for your merchandise from your website is way better than from any other site.


8. A website lasts forever 
Social media platforms come and go, but a website lasts forever. There is a restriction over the content you can upload on social media sites and the size and shape of pictures, and the length of videos. Plus, the quality also diminishes when you upload. 


On a website, there is no restriction, and the quality remains intact. So, isn't that the better option?


9. Helps you in creating a mailing list.
Email marketing has grown in recent times. Even though people may not go through their mail, your name in their inbox reminds them of you. It refreshes their memory. As the saying goes, "out of sight out of mind." 


If you have a website, you can ask the audience to give you some contact information, such as their email, and then you can create a list and send emails responsibly without spamming.


10. Help you in connecting with the music industry
In the music industry, connections play an essential role. When you pass on your business card or someone refers you. Usually, people wish to see your work on your website before they connect with you. 


So, it is necessary to have a website to connect with fellow musicians, bands, music houses, and the film industry. This is how your network and connections grow.


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