Top 10 reasons for a photographer to have a website

Posted on 07 Jun 2021 12:12 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

Think for a moment about how people might find a photographer for their wedding or an event. Maybe they ask friends for a recommendation. Or perhaps they just ask Google. Either way, they want to see a website with the photographer's work and a list ...

Think for a moment about how people might find a photographer for their wedding or an event. Maybe they ask friends for a recommendation. Or perhaps they just ask Google. Either way, they want to see a website with the photographer's work and a list of prices and services. Don't underestimate the importance of a website for your business. 


As a professional photographer, it's not enough to simply upload your photos to Facebook, Instagram, or Flickr. You need to have a professional online presence and some serious efforts to do advance promotion. That's when your own website could come in handy. 


Having your own website or photo blog looks a whole lot more professional and impressive.


For photographers, having a website is a crucial element to having a successful business. Having a place where you can visually display your work is key to your photography business. Here top 10 reasons why having a website is critical to the success of your photography business, and in today's market, it goes far beyond having a place to display your work. So do read this blog if you are a photographer. 


1. To showcase yourself
Having a website is a professional way to build your brand. Your website gives you complete control over how you represent yourself and your work to your prospects and clients. Not only will you have a convenient place to display your images for viewing, but everything about your website can be customized to build your brand. 


When clients hire you, they hire you for more than your pictures: they are hiring you for your talents, style, and creativity. If you brand yourself properly, they get a sense of comfort from knowing what to expect. Website will be a vital tool for prospective clients to become familiar with who you are before hiring you.


In an interview with Mr. Fahad, a student, aspirant photographer, he said that social media platforms like Instagram have been troublesome lately. Posts do not get much visibility, and the followers have remained stagnant. But the website has boosted his visibility, and he has got many wedding shoots and other professional opportunities. 


2. Gives a professional look to your passion
A professional website for your photography portrays a sense of professionalism to the audience. It shows you are serious and here to grow. The website allows you to showcase your talent to the world. It differentiates you from others who do photography just for fun.


3. Protects your photographs
Your photographs' intellectual property rights are a key element that prevents people from copying your work and proclaiming it as theirs. If you upload your work on Instagram and Facebook, it is more prone to getting misused and copied.


But on a website, you can mention that your work is protected by these rights, and if anybody misuses it, strict legal action will be taken.


Also, on your website, you own your own content! Your website belongs to you, which means your content won't be removed out of the blue. 


Besides, social media platforms might close down any minute, sending your content, following, and a lifetime of effort to whatever circle of hell.


4. Avoiding competition.
On Facebook or Instagram, there is just too much distraction and competing for the client's attention: messages, notifications, and, worst of all, suggested similar pages.


While the client is looking over your works, Facebook suggests taking a look at the profile of your main competitor!


In contrast, when a potential client is viewing your site, he or she is limited to your photos, your contents. There is no distraction. 


The more time the client gets to spend on your website and check your photography, the chances of him or her hiring you increase.


5. Helps in interactions with customers. 
Your website is your primary tool for interacting with customers. The website is like your business card. When the client wants to know more, a link to your website is the perfect solution. Through the website, you can collect feedback which is essential for improving your services. 


New prospects can contact you and interact with you for new business. 


6. Helps you in selling your photographs
If you want to sell your photographs, a website is a perfect platform from where you can do so. You can either sell your photos as a package, for example, 10 pictures for $99, or else have a monthly subscription fee.


Keep multiple options and packages so that people can buy whatever suits their budget and requirement. Multiple payment options should be provided so that it is easier for customers to purchase.


7. Acts as a resume
Your professional website acts as a portfolio of your work. You can add your website to your resume so that the company interested in hiring you can go through your work. This will give them a better understanding of your style and whether you are the perfect photographer for their company.


8. Build a fan following
A website helps you retain the visitors' attention and turn them into a fan of your art. This will help you in creating a fan following for your work. You can link your social media accounts on your website too. So, your website will help you in increasing your social media traffic too, and vice versa.


This will help you in gaining popularity in the community.


9. Helps you in getting brand endorsements
Your professional website shows how passionate and famous you are about photography. This can help you in getting brand endorsements. Popular brands relating to the field of photography may notice your fan following and may contact you for endorsements.


10. Your website creates an online gallery
Lost your memory card? Lost your photograph backup?

Don't worry; if you regularly update your photographs on your website, it acts as an online gallery. So even if your pictures get deleted or lost, you have one copy on your website.


There are numerous advantages to having a professional website. Especial during and the post-pandemic world, online platforms are a significant way through which businesses are running. Major companies have converted from store to website; hence pictures play a crucial role, and the need for photographers has increased. 


Grasp this opportunity and make a professional website for yourself and market yourself.


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