Top 10 reasons for a veterinarian to have a website

Posted on 02 Aug 2021 12:00 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

Every animal needs to visit the vet at some point in time, just like humans need to see the doctor. If you are a veterinarian and don't have a website of your own, I am here to tell you to go and make one right away! Read along to know why.

Whenever a human being falls sick, they run to a doctor for their treatment. In the same way, whenever an animal falls ill or gets injured, it should be taken to the veterinarian immediately. Animal Clinics and Hospitals are in demand. 


Veterinarian as a profession has grown immensely as the demand for vets has increased. People love to have pets, and those pets need to get their health checked up from time to time. 


But the number of vets in some countries is still less. There are 63000 registered veterinarians in India, whereas the requirements are between 100,000 – 120,000, according to Dr. Umesh Chandra Sharma, the president of the Veterinary Council of India (VCI).


Besides the shortage of vets, people are usually less aware of Vet Clinics near them. So as a Vet, you need to do self-promotion to spread the word about your clinic. There are various reasons you should have a professional website for yourself.


 The top 10 of those are –


1. Helps you in getting noticed
Having a professional website will help people in knowing who you are. People are unaware of the vets nearby and travel far distances to take their pets to the clinic. 


If you have a professional website for yourself, people will know about you and inquire about your services.


2. It will help you in showcasing your specialization
A veterinarian cannot treat all kinds of pets. Some specialize in livestock, some in exotic animals, lab animals, and some in companion animals. Some are general practitioners; others are specialists or surgeons. On your website, you can mention your specialties. 


You can also upload your degrees, awards, and achievements. This will increase your credibility.


3. A website helps you in showcasing your fee structure 
Consultation fees are a critical element for both veterinarians as well as pet owners. Most people come to the clinic unaware of how much it will cost them for the checkup. Later, when the bill comes up, they get befuddled. 


On your website, you can clearly state the charges for all the consultations and different tests. People can research and make a decision and are economically prepared before they visit you.


4. It will help you in conducting an online consultation
Due to the pandemic, people are unable to get out of their houses. Everyone prefers virtual consultation via calls or video conferences as it is safer. A website is a perfect getaway for that.


You can add a feature to your website to manage daily schedules, manage appointments, and collect fees online.


5. Website gives you an upper hand over your competitors
Gone are the days where you can advertise yourself in the newspaper and gain an advantage over your competitors. In today's digital age, a website will be able to tackle tech-savvy pet owners. 


You can create ads for your website and post them on other pet-related websites. For example, if a person buys dog food, he will come across your website and learn about you.


Nobody searches the newspaper for vets; everybody searches the web. Hence, a website is a must for marketing yourself or your clinic. 


6. A website helps in circulating official information
Many listing websites will show your clinic contacts and address, but they are often inaccurate and outdated. It's terrible for your business. Best to have your own website with official information.


The contact page on your website will help people get exact contact numbers, addresses, and hospital timings. You may also add Google Map direction. This will make it easier for people to reach out to you. 


7. Start an online store
Many Vet Clinics also sell pet food, clothes, toys, medicines, and other goods. You can start your online store through your website and start selling them online. This is the right time to do that.


8. Helps you in integrating within the community
A professional website will help you in integrating with the veterinarian community. You can connect with other vets, hospitals, and NGOs. You can have tie-ups with them and can work along with their projects to help animals.


9. You can share your views via blogs
A website is a perfect space where you can share your views about various subjects. You can talk about how to take care of pets, how to helps street animals and any other topic which interests you.

This will help in spreading awareness and well as market your clinic and services.


10. Helps you in recruiting more vets
If you own a private clinic and want to hire certified vets and other staff, a website is a perfect place to advertise the vacancy.

You can create a "work opportunities" page on your website and publish ads for the respective vacancy. 




So now, if you are convinced about making a website for yourself but lack the time and skills to design one, here is something perfect for you. 


Budo is a website builder for Vet Clinics and Hospitals to easily attract pet owners and animal lovers.


Budo is simple to use, and a straightforward website builder provides you with a googlable website in minutes. Moreover, Budo has everything you need to market your vet clinic online.

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