Top 10 reasons for a yoga teacher or studio to have a website

Posted on 09 Mar 2021 09:09 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

Are you a yoga teacher or a Yoga Studio? Wondering if a website is needed or not. Read along to clear all your doubts and learn about the advantages of having a website.

The world is getting saturated with yoga teachers and health instructors. Every day, many new students are getting graduated with a teacher's training course and are starting their career as yoga teachers. Intense competition needs different thinking to stand out. Making an online presence and talking about your beliefs, values, and stories is one way to start getting noticed.


On the other hand, people are also much health-conscious than before. They are looking at different health activities at gyms, outdoors, and other cardio sports. But intense workouts are not suitable for all, so many people like to do yoga as it is not physically straining. It's a more relaxing form of exercise, and it keeps you mentally and physically fit. It is a great form of exercise for increasing one's flexibility too.


But today, whatever people wish to do or buy, they first search it on google or social media networks. So to stand in the competition and to get found is a struggle every business is fighting. For Yoga teachers and Yoga studios, it is no different.  


Having a website is a small investment in your future. Here are the top 10 reasons why?


1. Gain credibility 
A yoga teacher's or yoga studio's website is like their resume, brand, and marketing vehicle all rolled into one. The website instantly builds credibility and sets you apart from your peers. This is especially true in 2021! Its digital era and everything online connect with audiences. 


A website gives a small look into your work and dedication towards yoga. With a website, you look professional and credible. Why credible? Because you are found on google, people can feel you before they visit you.


2. Appeal to a larger audience 
Earlier, most people get to know about yoga instructors from word of mouth. This is true even now. But the reach of word of mouth in a highly competitive world is limited, mostly in the locality.


But, why only limit yourself to one locality when you can get more?

A website will help you expand your customer base. People from all over can view your website and know about you.


3. Online classes and packages 
As people worldwide can access your website, you can now conduct online classes and provide them with yoga classes through a virtual mode to access your services. 


Thanks to Covid-19, during 2020, many yoga instructors have started conducting video classes via Zoom and Google Meet. You, too, can record different courses and upload them on your website. You can ask for a membership fee from people who want to access these classes. You can also take live courses via your website. 


4. Get more recognition and new opportunities 
The online world is a pool of new opportunities. You never know when someone notices you, appreciates you, and needs your services. Hence it is a pool of new job opportunities too. People can see who you are and what you have to offer. If they like what they know, they may contact you for further details, which will provide you with new opportunities. 


5. Website helps to organize your classes 
If you have a yoga center where you conduct physical classes, a website will help you organizing the classes. You can upload your schedule and the number of seats available per class. People can choose the class they like and book a seat via your website.

This will help you in keeping a count of the number of students attending. You will also have control over the strength of the class and the number of students per class.


6. Helps you build a deeper relationship with your students
A website will help you make a deeper and a personal connection with your customers. You can upload videos and photos of the class. This will help you attract other customers too.


You can add a feedback section so that your students can give feedback about their experiences. 


7. Helps you in getting information about potential clients
Whenever someone visits your website, you can ask them about their contact details such as email address, mobile number, name, etc. This will help you in building an email list. You can send regular updates and emails on it about your yoga classes and events. This will act as a reminder and will create a lasting impression on the potential customer's mind. 


Now you just have to market yourself so that that potential customer turns into a client of yours.


8. Helps you in building a network with the yoga industry 
A website will help you in connecting with other fellow yoga teachers and help you create a community. You can interact with them, learn from them, and much more. 


If you can enter all the famous yoga instructors' networking, you will get famous in no time. You will meet a lot of people and grow faster in your career. 


9. Earn money through your website
With your and your website's popularity, you can take advantage of your online presence and earn more from fitness brand affiliations. Start your online Yogo Good Store and sell online Yoga, Mats, Yoga Gears, Yoga Kits, and more. This will help you get additional income.


10. Get new students 
With your Facebook, Instagram presence, be there where young people are and redirect them to your website for more details. Your website will help you get new students and expand your customer base. This will help you in growing your business and career.


There 1000 more benefits to just being active online through your website, and social media presence will expand your world and help you start imagining what is next.




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