Top 10 reasons for an architect to have a website

Posted on 16 May 2021 10:10 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

As architects have adapted their work method from pencil and paper to computers and laptops, their way of projecting their firm also needs to change. Check out these top 10 reasons why an architect needs a website!

Architecture as a career has grown over the past decade. In India, there are approximately 90 thousand registered architects. Out of which, 53% are male, and 47% are female. In the past 10 years, the number of registered women architects has increased from 34% to 47%. This shows the growing competition in this segment.


This competition makes you realize how you have to stay relevant to get projects. If you practice privately, you must be visible to many to remain in business. Websites are the perfect, timeless solution to help you with that.


Read along to know why you need a professional website.


1. Boosts self and brand credibility 
As an individual practitioner, you need to create a self-brand. Many people get confused among architects and interior designers. A website will show who you are, what you represent, and what your brand stands for. This will build credibility for you. 


2. Boost your search engine results
Whenever someone wants to know better about you, your brand, or anything, the solution is to search it on the web. If you have a website, whenever someone searches your name, your website will come. This way, they will get authentic information about you.


Moreover, if people search for architects, your website will turn up. The more you work on your website, the better the SEO ranking will be. If you do not have a professional website, people will go to the others who have one because people always want to know about you and your work before hiring you.


3. Gets new customers
Your website will spread the word about your firm among people who hire architects. Interested people can go through your website and contact you for a project. In today's digital world, you never know who might find you online and may like your work. Hence the website is the GOLDEN KEY to get new customers and income.


4. Drives more traffic to your other social media accounts 
A professional website will also help drive more traffic to other social media accounts of yours. This will eventually lead to more visibility, engagement, and overall standing of your firm amongst other competition. 


5. Displays your work the way you want it.
On other social media sites, you are restricted in the way you want to display your work. A professional website, on the other hand, is a blank slate. You can free your imagination and creativity and upload pictures, videos, articles, and any other type of content you wish to. 


You can add multiple subpages so that it is easier for the viewer to navigate through all your projects. You can also display your past, present, and future projects so that people can get an idea about the layout of your projects. 


6. Helps people connect with you 
A website helps people build a personal connection with you. Moreover, if any contractor wants to hire you for his project, he can get authentic contact details such as contact number, email, office address, etc., from your website. 


This will make work easier for him because people shift to other alternate options in today's fast-moving world if the information is not available readily. 


If that happens, you will lose on projects. 


7. Helps you in hiring others 
Your website will help you in hiring professionals for your firm. Rather than putting up advertisements on other websites, newspapers, and others modes, you can publish your advertisement on your website. 


When a seat opens, you can publish an ad, and when it is filled, you can remove the advertisement. 


8. Websites are cheaper than other modes to expand the reach.
If you want to increase your reach but can not advertise as an architect. Your website will work as your PR person. Write blogs, tell your story on relevant architecture-related websites with a link back to your site. People interested in your stories will land on your website. 


9. Helps in creating an email list
A website helps you get information about interested clients and potential clients. You can ask for contact details to connect with them and convert the potential client into a client. 


10. The website gives an in-office tour
Rather than going to the architect's office, people prefer to stay at home and get information. A website, if well designed, can give an in-office tour. You can put videos and pictures of your work, have live chat options, free demo, virtual experience; the possibilities are countless. 


In today's digital world, a website is a must. You cannot go to the next level without having a digital presence.


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