Top 10 reasons for an Artist to have a website

Posted on 04 May 2021 09:09 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

"Art has no boundaries." Artists every day are expanding the boundaries of art and expression. I am here to tell you, fellow artists, to expand into the digital space by creating a website. Read along to know the top 10 reasons why you need a website!

In today's world, there are unlimited, unimaginable career opportunities. People are leaving behind the traditional career options such as a doctor, engineer, and teacher, and following their passion. 


Earlier, being an artist was not looked upon. It was considered a low-paying job, and only a few people were respected and looked up to for being an artist. But now things have changed. There is no limit to art. Art is also considered as a therapy and a relaxing activity. A lot of people of all ages have left their jobs and have now become full-time artists. 


Sketching, painting, sculpting are some of the elements of art. But today's artists have expanded the horizons of creativity and aesthetics. But without showcasing it to others, it will remain unappreciated. 


So I am here to tell all you young budding artists and well-established ones to make a professional website for yourselves. Here are the top 10 reasons why you need a website NOW!


1. Helps you in building your brand
A website will help you in building your digital personality as an artist. People do not know who you are in real life, but they will get an idea about who you are via your website. They will form an image of you via your blogs, writing, pictures, videos, and every other element of your website. 


2. Helps others to know about you
This goes without saying that a professional website helps you in increasing your visibility. Now you might say, "I am already on Instagram and Pinterest, so why do I need a website?"


These social media platforms are great for getting followers, but in those platforms, too, there is a section for adding your website. These platforms are incomplete without a website. Social media and websites complement each other and go hand in hand. One cannot do the complete work without the other. 


3. Protects your art from getting misused 
Nothing protects your art from getting copied or misused when you upload your art on digital platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Other people can use your pictures and claim them to be theirs.


But on a website, you will have a copyright of all your digital work. In case of any intellectual property rights infringement, you can go to court and get it settled. 


Hence, you can make nobody misuse your work a little more difficult, if not 100% full proof.


4. Website is your creative zone
On your website, you are your boss. You can publish whatever you feel like. In other social media sites, there are specific guidelines you need to follow. If your content goes against any, your work is removed from your account.


Secondly, on Instagram, you are just one of the several artists who upload their work. But on your website, you are the only focus. You can express yourself and your journey as an artist. 


5. You can sell your work
If you like to sell your paintings, a professional website is a perfect platform from where you can do so. You can set up a webpage where you can upload paintings and give details about them such as price, size, theme, etc. So as many other artworks too, you can sell online.


To make it a little organized, you can also make sub-categories based on the theme of your paintings. Interested people can directly purchase your paintings from their homes.


Due to the Covid19 pandemic, art exhibitions have been limited. Hence sales from the exhibition have reduced considerably. Via your website, people from all across the globe can purchase your work.


6. Helps you in saving commission 
If you sell via your website, then you save on a lot of commission which would have been taken if you were selling on platforms such as Amazon, Etsy, etc. You also control the payment method. So you can provide whichever method you prefer, but I'd recommend that you provide as many ways as possible so that many people can buy from you.


7. A website helps you make a digital library 
Rather than showcasing your new collection of paintings via an art exhibition, you can make an online library on your website. Give your viewers a sneak peek or an exclusive look at your new work. 

A digital library can be convenient. If someone wants to hire you, they can look at your gallery and get an idea about your style.


8. Helps you work from anywhere
The one thing this pandemic has taught us is that we can work from anywhere if we have a good internet connection. A website helps you work from anywhere at any time. You can conduct art classes via your website. This will help you earn more. 


More than that, you can work on your website visibility, interact with others, find fellow artists, and many other things. 


9. Helps you interacting and integrating into the art community
Via your website, you can interact with fellow artists and form your circle of artists within the huge art community. You can collaborate with others for an art collection too. This will help you both in getting more publicity and better status. 


10.Helps you in creating an email list
A website helps you in creating an email list of interested people. You can send them emails regarding your art exhibitions, classes, and any other essential things. This will help you in marketing yourself and remaining relevant. 


You can also mail people freebies such as digital art sheets. People can print these out and do them when they like. This will make a personal relationship between you and your followers.


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