Top 10 reasons for Lawyers and Law Firms to have a website

Posted on 16 Jul 2021 09:09 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

Lawyers and Law firms are no exception in today's world. They too have to have an online presence to grow. Read along to know the top 10 reasons why you need one!

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Let’s face it: in 2021, everything happens online.

If you own a small law firm, but you don’t yet have a law firm website, it’s time to invest in one.


Because the vast majority of your potential clients are using the internet to search for all types of information. 


Therefore, your website is your law firm’s best way to tell potential clients and referral sources who you are, what you do, how you can help, and how to get in touch with you. 


These are enough reasons to consider having a website for your law firm. And if you are an individual lawyer, the fact still remains the same.


Besides, like any other industry, lawyers and law firms need to attract clients to their practice. The digital transformation has led to a shift in how law firms reach and interact with their clients.


So let’s dive straight into the top 10 reasons for Lawyers and Law Firms to have a website.


1. To get new clients
Imagine, for example, someone needs to find information about a law firm in New York that handles divorce cases. They probably won’t expect their friend to give them useful advice or referral. Most likely, they will pick up their smartphone and search on Google. 


Many people who seek legal advice today use a search engine to do so, and one-third of potential clients begin their search for an attorney online. If your law firm is still operating without a website in the modern internet era, you will likely lose business to firms with an online presence.


2. Convert them into customers and clients.
The legal business industry also needs effective marketing strategies. The website is a powerful medium to reach a broader audience and convert them into customers and clients. 


Did you know that 70 percent of people look for law firm websites when they need legal assistance? Apart from that, 95 percent of adults discover brands in different industries through social media.


If people refer your law firm to others, they might not blindly give their legal cases to you. It is human nature to learn more about something they are introduced to and then decide. So, the first thing they will do is google your law firm. The minutes they spend on your website will determine whether they will trust your firm with their cases. 


3. Helps in getting authentic information
In the endless sea of information and misinformation on the internet, your law firm website can serve as a lighthouse of insight, offering up detailed information about the kinds of cases and matters which are the focus of the work your law firm performs.


Your contact details, location, and certifications you earned will help people boost their confidence to connect with you quickly and timely.


If you already have a website, keep it updated with any new contact numbers. Remove the inactive and incorrect details so that the potential client is not misguided. 


4. Opens up the legal industry to the masses
Everyone knows who is the best footballer, fashion model, chef, etc., but very few people know who is the best lawyer or the best law firm. A website is a perfect way of opening the legal world to the masses. So that whenever people have any legal issues, they can come to you for your recommendation.


5. Builds Trust and Credibility
If you are an independent practitioner, a professional website is vital to building trust and credibility among potential clients. They can know about you, your past, achievements and other details. This helps in building a bond and increases the chance of the viewers hiring you. 


If you work in a law firm or own one, your website reflects who you are. Your status and ranking in the industry. This is one of the deciding factors. 


6. Showcases your achievements
A website is your space. You can showcase the world your achievements, the cases you have won, the number of employees, different services you provide, company culture, and so much more. Interested clients can go through all the details and hire you if they are satisfied.


7. A platform to promote legal awareness
A website is a perfect platform where you can spread legal awareness. You can upload blogs, interviews, case studies, and research papers that people can read. Ordinary people who have no idea about the legal field but want to learn can visit your website.


Rather than getting incomplete and incorrect information, they can learn first-hand from your website. This helps in building goodwill.


8. A website does the work of a receptionist
Whenever any person has any query rather than calling your law firm, they can directly check out the FAQ section of your website. This will save their time as well as your manpower. It will do a job of a salesperson 24/7. In the office, the receptionist or the salesperson can promote your services only between 9 to 5. Whereas a website can advertise your services 24/7 and all across the globe!


9. It helps you in hiring new interns
A website helps your law firm to hire new employees. You can put advertisements so that interested lawyers can send their resumes to you. Rather than advertising on other job websites, you can advertise your vacancies on your website. 


10. It helps you in getting a list of potential clients
Whenever anyone visits your website, you can ask for their contact details. Even if they do not sign up for any of your services, you can email them or contact them in the future. This way, you can stay in touch with potential clients and convert them into clients.


Having a physical office is not enough anymore. Building your brand of legal practice requires a website that represents the quality of your services. The best way to make your law firm stand out is by creating an intuitive website where clients can always reach you in times of need.


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