Top 10 reasons why a beauty salon to have a website

Posted on 20 May 2021 10:31 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

Managing a beauty salon can be a difficult job with such stiff competition. A website for your salon will help you in organizing your work and getting new clients too. There are various advantages of a website. Read along to know more.

The beauty industry is changing continuously. New trends come and go; some old trends even make come back to life with time. It is fast-changing and has a vast market. Especially for women- hair styling, facials, pedicure, manicure, makeup, the list is endless. On any occasion or festival, the first place people want to go is the salon to get a makeover. 


In this ever-changing world, publicity is a must, so a digital presence for your salon is a must. Read along to know the top 10 reasons why your salon needs a website. 


1. To widen your customer base 
The one thing people have on them all the time is their mobile. If they want to go to a salon, the first thing they will do is search 'Salons near me.'


If you have a website, your name will show up. People will get to know about you and come to your salon instead of your competitors. Once they get all glammed up by you, they will refer it to their friends and family. One customer will lead to 3 others! 


2. To book online appointments
The more the convenience, the more the customer gets attracted to your salon. Instead of calling or physically going to the salon to book an appointment, an online appointment is much easier. People can choose the time slots they prefer, the beautician and services that they want everything from the comfort of their homes.


Due to the Covid19 pandemic, only a limited number of people are allowed in the salon at one time. Hence, online booking is a safer option. You can regulate the number of clients in your salon at a specific time.


3. To publicize your offers
Is your salon celebrating its 1st anniversary or the first decade of a successful business? Any festival coming up? Are you plan to give special offers and discounts, a website is a perfect place to publicize it. Get more pre-bookings!


4. To sell your products
If you have tied up with a brand such as Loreal, Tresemme, etc., or have an in-house salon brand, you can sell your products via your website. Rather than just selling your products to the walk-in customers, sell your products countrywide via your website.


5. Let your staff feel special
On your website, you can upload small bios of all your staff. This way people will get to know about the beauticians who work at your salon and can choose which one they want for themselves. Not only this, but your staff will also feel special. It'll create a sense of loyalty towards your salon. 


6. To showcase your services
Showcase your wide variety of services on your website. You can add a menu and several subpages to describe the types of services and exclusive salon packages. Add a description about them so that people get to know about them and can choose services accordingly. 


7. Manage salon at-home services 
If your salon provides at-home services, it can get very tricky managing the appointments, assigning beauticians, and making sure the work is getting done. A website helps you manage all of that.


8. Websites help you compete with other salons
A website helps you get the upper hand over other salons. People can compare prices, offers, packages and choose what suits them best. This increases the chances of them coming to your salon rather than your competitors.


9. Show pictures and follow all trends
You can showcase pictures of your latest works, jump on all the new trends in the beauty industry and make your customers aware that you are on top of everything. Seeing pictures, the sense of wanting that will develop, and they will come to your salon. Visual appeal is necessary to attract both old and new clients. 


10. A website helps grow your other social media platforms
A website enables you to boost your other social media presence, such as Instagram and Facebook. You can link your accounts to the website so that people can follow you. In the same way, you can add the link to your website on your social media platforms. This will drive traffic to the website.


After reading all this, are you convinced to hire a graphic designer to design your website? No need for that either! 


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