Top 10 search engine disasters to avoid

Posted on 18 Sep 2016 09:09 in Web & App Design
by Rimi Sharma

Search engine optimization is a continuous changing field and keeping updated with the latest trends along with avoiding pitfalls is the only way to give you proper outcomes.

Search engines are still the number one destination where people look for solutions to their problems or learn something new. If one wants to attract attention to his or her website and retain the high attention to make it to the top, investment in SEO is an obvious must to survive in this cut-throat competition. Well after having said that, investing poorly in SEO can end up harming more than doing good. Given below are ten things one would presumably look into to consider to avoid getting in pitfalls.


1. Poor User Interface
It has been quite surprising to see still how the webmasters often believe in sacrificing user interface and user experience to better your searches in the search engines. If not anything else, this is exactly of how the search engines work these days because search engine always seconds user designing. Get better insights and reviews by putting your interface on the test before your users. Though experience and time have given the users to interact with the website in a particular way, sometimes it only takes a small sample to understand how the majority of your users are going to behave.


2. Snail Speed Site Loading
It is not always that everyone has to have the internet as fast as yours. Always make it a point to refrain from using interfaces as much as possible on Flash and avoid unnecessary use of animations or graphics where text would do more than enough. This is most important when it comes to devices like tablets and phones where the internet network tends to be relatively slower. Most of the viewers would throw up hands and leave the website if the page loading gets slow. No one is discouraging use of multimedia but use it wisely to keep your viewers hooked. 


3. Never Ignore Social Marketing
If all one cared about is Search engine optimization, it is high time that he or she puts the thinking cap on to decide wisely and understand the importance of social media. Increasingly search engines are using social sharing of your website links for purpose ranking your website in search results. Social Network enables you to establish a direct relationship with your target group. Interaction with core influencers in the social marketing world is thus proved to be of utmost importance.


4. Meaningless Blog Creates Confusion
All search engines nowadays are focused on how well your page will make out a solution for the users when they face a problem. Though it is not completely efficient when it comes to block spams but it definitely cleans out all the junks over the period. With every content you build, You need to focus on identifying the problem and be on the lookout for solutions, well at the same time making sure it comes out to be a better solution than others on the web if not the best. Failure at this only means that either you are using words too saturated with constrained vocabulary or lack of enough time into your content. And also such content links of your website or blog will be slowly removed from search engine index.


5. Investing In Getting Influencers
At any instant, you feel hesitant to portray your subject in the proper way, give it a good thought over hiring someone with more experience and talent in that block after checking his or her track record. It is always considered better to invest in some reputation to bolster one’s image which sets you way apart from the heavy competition.


6. Targeting Search Engine Instead Of Your Audience
It might be obvious that you have already kept this important point in mind, but this point is so important that it deserves an explanation in itself. The trend of using heavy vocabulary with loads of writing is more or less over, but unfortunately many still have this misconception. Once you know your topic and you have inserted the keyword in the title you are already done with the keyword prejudices because trust me on this, having a high frequency of the keyword in the article appears to be spam to any viewer reading it. 


7. The URLs
URLs are most important get them right. Name them appropriately and add a proper title to pages, because they get indexed in search engines.
Naming  your page might look as easy as it seems, but it gets difficult when you encounter many pages with the same name. To stand out also focus on contents of pages. Avoid redirects as much as possible because having redirects imply to the search engines that your pages will not withstand with time. A redirect, most of the times results in the decline of your page rankings.


8. Never Back out When It Is Google+ Authorship
Google ahs still made it to the popular social networks list and hence it is bound to make marketers and social gurus to think why it is even important to claim Google + authorship. Well, there is a huge mistake there, Because Google+ allows it monitors complete access to Google search engines and every interaction and accounts like Gmail and YouTube. So one can understand what blinder he or she might make if they do not claim Google+ authorship.


9. Too Many Link Buildups At A Time
Do not go for any strategy that helps you in building too many links for your website. It tends to send false signs to the search engines and result in damaging traffic to your website. Always pay attention to building links that will attract targeted and appropriate viewers to your website.


10. Never Say No To Content Writing
Content marketing has its own theory of drawing viewership and building relationships with the content on your page alone. It helps in expanding your page by promotion and earns you loyalty with interesting content. As it is always better to create an impression through your own page where you have more control over your content and manage viewership properly. Too much focus on increasing traffic to your site sometimes leads to downfalls.


Search engine optimization is a continuous changing field and keeping updated with the latest trends along with avoiding pitfalls is the only way to give you proper outcomes. Refrain from working with rookies and always keep a watch on your back.


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