Top 10 tips to publish better content for your small business website

Posted on 08 Oct 2016 09:09 in Small Business Hacks
by Rimi Sharma

You must be careful with the kind of information you are putting up on our websites. in this blog let us see how you can better the contents displayed on your website through 10 simple yet effective ways.

The digital market is becoming increasingly competitive by the minute. With more and more business popping up at ever second, it is hard to keep up with the pressure of staying at the top of the chain. Holding your position at the top is challenging task, but it certainly isn’t impossible.


A good website with solid contents is key to remain on the top. There is a lot of work that goes behind a successful website, some of which are good content, user-friendly interface, the usefulness of the product or service and more. While a good content which is informative yet entertaining, keeps the readers hooked, increasing your business, a moderately constructed website will lose you the numbers.


You must be careful with the kind of information you are putting up on our websites. Let us see how you can better the contents displayed on your website through 10 simple yet effective ways:


1. Learn from the best
Before you get worried thinking how your website can come at the top and stay there, look around and see what other websites are doing to keep their spots.


2. Call in the experts: Professional Bloggers
Your website needs content which is not only good but entertaining. Who else could be apter than a professional blogger? Having a blogger write for you would immediately increase the value of your website. With better quality contents will come interesting information and entertainment, if that is what you are looking for, for your readers.


What another benefit that comes with having a professional guest blogger blog for your website it the likelihood of getting their followers to follow your website too.


3. Don’t focus on quantity. Quality is what they look for
If you write content which is short, informative and entertaining, then there is a high chance of your content being read, as compared to if your website was full of long and boring contents.


If you really want your readers to know what is new with your company or website, then keep their preferences at the top of the list. Keep it simple.


4. Who says business and entertainment can’t go hand-in-hand?
Work with a twist. Even if your website was made to sell your products, there are no limitations to why it should not be entertaining and a fun website. For example, many websites come up with ideas that promote their products in relation to whatever is trending. Like for a limited-time sale offer, you could post a sign of “Gotta catch ‘em all” because Pokémon Go is trending now.


This way you can get connected to the young audience and also get the interest of those who like to be up-to-date with news.


5. Don’t shy away from hiring people to do the work for you
Because of the experience that professional bloggers and freelance writers have is an important reason why you should definitely consider hiring them to curate content for your website. They know what exactly goes behind writing the content which will not only make the readers get hooked on to your website, but keep them coming back for more.


They not only work on improving the quality of the content but also develop various marketing strategies and place them wisely on your website.


6. Be kind
Well, this isn’t really a tip to improve the quality of your content, but it surely will help you acquire some loyal customers; and that is what we all are aiming at, aren’t we? The idea is to sell your product by making a connection with the readers.


7. Simplify
This is the simplest (get the pun) yet most effective way to improve the quality of your content. While you will be tempted to put all sorts of details and data into your website, but honestly, no one is going to read all of that.


So, you may as well stick to the point, keep matters simple and short so that people actually get some useful information from your website.


8. Use grammar and sentence correction tools
There are a lot many options other than MS Word spelling checker to improve your sentence contractions and grammar. Tools such as the Hemingway App or Grammarly, are great places to start with correcting your drafts. If these do not satisfy your expectations, hire a professional editor who will do the work better than anyone else.


9. Upload content which can be backed up by data and research
Giving a reliable data or research as a backup to your content increases its credibility. It quickly takes over the reader as a trustable content. While you add studies to prove you know what you’re talking about, you are actually winning over the trust of your customers.


However, be sure that the date, research or statistic you are using to base your content upon is a reliable source and it is current. No one would be likely to rely on content which is based on data that was released even 6 years ago.


10. Take time out before uploading the final draft
Finally, before you press the “Upload” button, give your write-up a little time. Let it rest in your computer for a few days and give yourself the time to forget about it. After you have, give the draft another read with a fresh mind. You will be surprised at how good you get at editing your own content.


So, folks, all the best for your website! Keep writing!


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Rimi Sharma  
Loves to write and help people. Believes that kindness is the key to peace. A student of psychology with an interest in technology.

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