Top 5 reasons why Podcasters need a website.

Posted on 22 Sep 2022 10:00 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

Website's are the need of the hour for all professionals and businesses. Podcasting is the new career path emerging and not many podcasters have a website. Read along to know why you should make one for yourself!

Podcasts are emerging as a leading audio streaming platform. Seeing the rise of this lucrative platform many people have started making their podcasts. With the emergence of Instagram, the influencer market emerged. Earlier it was not a well-paying or lucrative line. People used to become influencers as a side job or passion but now it has become a full-time job.


In the same way, podcasting is also now becoming a full-time professional. The beauty of it is that one can sit in any corner of the world, record a podcast, and stream it on a platform.


This has led to a rise of podcasters who create podcasts on various topics such as finance, health, meditation, food and so much more. Today podcasters specialize in one genre and do not make content apart from that genre. This creates credibility for them in that field. People take their advice seriously and believe them more than film stars and influencers.


Hence advertisers are moving to podcasts to promote their products and services.


So, are you a podcaster or an aspiring one?
Let me tell you why you need a website for yourself.


While starting your podcast it is not that crucial to make a website. but for growing it, and making it into a full-time career it is crucial to have one.


Here are top 5 reasons why Podcasters need a website:


1. A website helps in discoverability

Website is the best platform to increase your discoverability. On your website, you can add pictures, blog content, and links to your podcasts. Say you are a finance podcaster and someone wants to stream podcasts about investing.


They will go to a search engine and type top podcasters on finance. If you have a website your name will top the list. Many podcasters do not have a website of their own hence it will give you a huge advantage over them.


Via the links, the audience will get directed to the podcast streaming platform.


2. Helps in building credibility

If anyone wants to know better about you, they will check your social media and website. If any brand or influencer wants to collaborate with you, they are going to check your credibility.


Websites are apt as they are all about you and they show how focused, consistent, and hardworking you are. It reflects your style, art, and ability to deliver.


3. Attracts advertisers

Advertisers are seeing podcasts as a great, unexplored yet effective means of communication with their target audience. But as it is a new platform anyone can become a podcaster. It gets difficult for them to separate the good ones who can lead to results from the rest.


A website will make you stand out among the crowd. Advertisers will get all the information they need about you. You can upload your pitch deck on the website which will help them in deciding whether you can help their brand or not.


You can show your growth trajectory, the number of listeners, demography as well as genre and expertise, topics of shows, key guest speakers and so much more. This data will make you an attractive proposition for the advertiser. When they approach you, you can negotiate for a better deal because you have the data about your reach.


4. Attracts influencers

Influencers are always on the look for collaborating with others so that they can grow.


For your podcast's growth, you need to collaborate with influencers and tap into their fan following, and convert them into your listener. So, you will have to collaborate frequently to grow.


When you reach out to them, your website will act as a portfolio. It will make you look professional and increase the chances of getting replies from them and collaborating with them.


Influencers are always on the look to increase their visibility. Coming on your show is a benefit for both. Your website will show your stats and efficiency and will attract them to you. In the long run, you will not have to approach them, they will approach you!


5. Link your website to your podcasts

You can link your podcast with the website. whenever any listener wants to know more about you, they can simply click on the photograph or any icon which you link with your website and get to know more about you.


You never know who is listening and who might like your work. This was your visibility, fan following and popularity will increase.


These are some of the reasons why podcasters should make a website. Are you one of them who does not have one?


Then what are you waiting for?




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