Top 6 reasons to create videos for your small business.

Posted on 24 Dec 2021 12:12 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

In the expanding eCommerce and small business era, photos are not enough to sustain your small business. Videos are a necessity now and they have a lot of advantages. Read along to know more.

Having a great product or service idea for setting up a small business is just half war won. For your business to flourish you have to market and advertise it to the target customers, achieve your target sales and expand your customer base.


The advertising industry has evolved throughout the past few decades. From pamphlets, newspaper advertisements to radio, and television advertisements to social media and websites, advertising has gained importance. Traditional advertising is losing importance and is not the best form of advertising for small businesses. People nowadays do not read the papers or just overlook the advertisements printed there.


Newspapers do not market the products when the customer needs them. Social media and websites do. Artificial intelligence detects what people are searching on the web, what their interests are and it markets brands to them while they are using the web. This way when the customer wants something that you sell, they are directed to your website store.


But what converts a lead into a customer?
After the individual lands on your website, a lot of factors affect his/her decision to purchase. In the online mode photographs and videos play a key role. People cannot touch the product in real life before purchase hence the visuals should be so attractive that it makes people buy the products.

But are photographs from several angles enough?

The answer is a big fat NO!


Attractive pictures do play a key role but it is not enough to convince the customer to buy the product. Videos are the hidden secret to making leads into customers. Videos are much more informative than photographs. Let's dive into the advantages of shooting videos for your products.


What are the advantages of shooting videos for your products?


1. More angles, less effort
In a video, you can record the product from several angles. You can focus on the attractive parts of the products and make them the star of the video. Rather than clicking 10 photographs from different angles, it is easier to record 1 video.

Hence, it saves a lot of time.


2. Demonstrates the product in action
|In videos, you can show how the product works, what it does. If you sell products like bags, books stationary then you can show the inside of the bags and books, use the stationery items and show how they work.

Recording a video of a skirt to demonstrate how the fit is.

It shows how the product feels in the hand and makes the viewer feel as if he's using the product.


3. Acts as a manual
If you sell electronic products or any item that requires a manual to direct the user your video can act as one. In the video, you can show a step-by-step method of usage of the product. That way even after the purchase, the customer can come back to your website just to refer to the video. Once they are on your website again, they might purchase something else too.

Moreover, it is easier to follow a video than a manual.


4. Audio in the video helps in convincing the customer to purchase
When you record a video for your small business, record a voiceover too. Video accompanied with voiceover and music grabs the viewer's attention. Instead of adding texts explaining the video, it is always better to add audio.


Whenever you visit a shop, a salesperson will continuously guide you, explain the products and convince you to buy them. On a website, you cannot talk to the customer and convince them but a video will act as a salesperson.


The audio of the video will explain the features of the products and will persuade the viewer to buy them.


5. Videos have a far more reach in social media
Videos have 10x times more reach than photos on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. The algorithms of these apps prioritize videos and that's why videos get a lot more conversion rate and click-throughs. Instagram reels, IGTV are some ways you can upload your videos and reach a bigger audience. It has the power to give you more followers and orders.


Once you get more reach on social media you can direct the audience to your website.


6. More informative than photos
While shopping online users have to click on the photo, wait for it to load, zoom in to see the details, swipe to see the other picture, and repeat the same process.


It is time-consuming and users may get disinterested. Whereas in a video all they have to do is click play and get all the information in one go.


These are some of the reasons why you should create videos for your products. Photos and videos both have their pros and cons but videos are in trend now. It will overtake the eCommerce industry in the coming years. Shopping apps, websites all now have videos of the products they sell. Then why should you stay a step behind?


Start shooting videos now!


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