Top 8 benefits of using Facebook for a small business

Posted on 22 Feb 2016 10:10 in Small Business Hacks
by Rahul Chowath

Once you put your business out there through a Facebook page, you get to play a whole another ball game. This blog post will tell you how.

The revolution known as Facebook made the world smaller by connecting people and has stamped its legacy for generations to come. Facebook made sharing our lives, our thoughts, our photos, videos second nature to us. More than 1.59 billion people use Facebook to connect with what matters to them, 64% of them visit Facebook every day and any businessman/woman would be naïve not to see the endless potential in this. Some of the benefits that can be reaped from this potential for small businesses are outlined below:


1. Drive Online Sales
Once you put your business out there through a Facebook page, you get to play a whole another ball game. Your Facebook page makes you:

  • Discoverable – For relevant people and prospective customers.
  • Connected – To personalize conversations with customers who liked your page, read your post, share them with friends, and check in when they visit.
  • Timely – To reach out to large groups of people tailored to their needs and interest and on time when they need it.
  • Insightful – To get a deeper understanding of your customers and your marketing activities through analytics.

After you set up your page and generate traffic on it, you can bring people from Facebook to your website to sign up for information, book an appointment or make a purchase.


2. Increase Local Sales Value
Facebook pages can be used in countless ways to boost different aspects of your business. In addition to online sales, you get to map out the major crux of any business, i.e., local hand-to-hand real-time sales through effective social media campaigns. In the end, it’s all about how smartly can you steal the spotlight by showing your level of personalization, your passion and the panache of your enterprise.


3. Build Brand Loyalty
The mantra for every business is simple – you create a trustworthy brand and build a loyal customer database. The basic agenda of a Facebook Page is to achieve that very objective. Building and maintaining upon this idea may seem easy, but it requires you to be authentic, consistent, and responsive.


4. Giving the VIP Treatment
You need the customer to feel special. You can do that by paving the way for likes with real incentives. Eatery chains have time and again revealed their free giveaways only through Facebook status updates, driving traffic to their business page. You got to do what works and convert successful posts into successful promotions.


5. Facebook Page Insights
This tool gives you the complete picture, the demographics with respect to the gender, age, and location of people most engaged with your business so you can chalk out a game plan for customer specific adverts and promotion posts accordingly. You get to use Facebook Page Insights in sync with Facebook Graph Search to optimize on your data analytics research and finalize on the best social media outreach strategy.


6. Facebook Pages Manager App
The key thing you need to remember is that your Facebook page is an extension of your business. It is hands down, the easiest way to share updates and connect with the people who matter the most. Using the Facebook Pages Manager app, you can manage your page and quickly respond to customers wherever you are, ticking off all the necessary checkpoints.


7.Facebook Adverts
The social media outreach through Facebook Adverts are highly targeted and actionable, and you are in complete control of your campaign. Relevant links and engaging photos, videos make Facebook Adverts a powerful way to find new customers and build brand loyalty.


8. Integration of all Social Media
Any social media campaign can’t be run on just one front. You need to integrate every possible social media outlet like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. for an effective strategy. The crucial thing about Facebook that you may grow to realize is that Facebook needs to be the start of every such campaign. Every outlet branches out from the motherlode or root of Facebook and any businessperson who can envision that will actually go on to convert that outreach into growth and development of the company.


Facebook provides you with numerous incentives and tools to nourish your business in the social media direction. Now how you choose to use these and convert social media outreach into physical sales and brand loyalty is up to you.


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