Top 8 benefits of using Twitter for a small business

Posted on 17 Feb 2016 05:30 in Small Business Hacks
by Rahul Chowath

People use Twitter to discover what’s happening in the world, sharing information, and to connect with people and businesses across the globe. With 320 million monthly active user; how can small business make use Twitter for their business?

People use Twitter to discover what’s happening in the world, sharing information, and to connect with people and businesses across the globe. With 320 million monthly active user and over 1.3 Billion total users sending over 500 million tweets every day, businesses can reap huge benefits by tapping into this Goldmine of new and existing Twitter users as potential customers. Some of these benefits are chalked down in the following points:


1. Gain relevant followers via tweets
Today’s businesses are all about branding, visibility, and loyalty. It’s how you market your product, how you attract customers, and how you convince them to stay for the long term. By using Twitter search with keywords specific to your business, you can target specific audiences by addressing their problems with solutions provided by your company. The more generic way would be to start a Twitter campaign, use social media to advertise your product, and keep your followers updated with all relevant news from your company. 


2. Get website traffic via tweets
By keeping your tweets personalized and exhibiting a passion for your enterprise, you can expand your follower database which in turn can get converted into customers. Regular tweets about how your company is growing and sharing information about your products can generate website traffic and, in turn, sales. Research shows that 43% of the people on Twitter have visited or shopped at the websites of the businesses they follow which is a huge number.


3. Drive app downloads via tweets
You can use Twitter to enable mobile app downloads for your business. Once you have a large number of Twitter followers, you can then invite them to download your App from Apple and Android App store.


4. Use events and festivals for advertising
Festivals and events like the IPL are timeslots for an exponential increase in sales, and you can tap into that gold pot by effectively designing a social media campaign. Promote coupons and discounts on Twitter using creative tweets and using the most trending hashtags at that point in time, your tweets will move up the ladder which will increase the number of views and retweets. This will help you drive huge traffic to your website, and increase in sales numbers. 


5. Connect with influencers of the industry
Using Twitter, you can network with the influential leaders, community figureheads, journalists, and idols of the populace. Word-of-mouth marketing through these people goes a long way in establishing your business. By keeping a check on the people who get retweeted the most, you can engage with them on a regular basis and tweet in sync with their tweets or let them publicize your enterprise, which is all the more better.


6. Join the local community for your industry
You can join the local community relevant to your business and remain up-to-date with all the upcoming technology, market reach, and potential, and use it to your advantage. You can also keep a tab on strategies employed by competitors and plan yours accordingly. Also, by interacting with your peers, you can build an efficient industry network which can prove to be quite useful in the long run.


7. Advertise via Twitter Ads
Twitter Ads albeit expensive, can be used effectively to provide branding and publicity for your product and if used efficiently can tap into much more customer following and, in turn, sales. One reason to use this is the extended outreach and advertising as compared to regular social media tweet campaigns.


8. Use Twitter Analytics
This feature provided by Twitter gives you an in-depth analysis of how the customer database behaves and interacts with your business and other competitive enterprises. You can make business decisions and social media interaction decisions based on this analysis and subsequently gauge your performance to see how effective your strategy was. The number of features provided by Twitter analytics is numerous and if used productively, it can put your business on the track of efficient growth and development.


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