Top 8 Effective Ways Of Using Google+ For Your Small Business

Posted on 16 Feb 2016 20:04 in Small Business Hacks
by Harish Rajora

As Small Business owner, how can you use Google+ effectively? In this blog post, we will look at Top 8 Effective Ways Of Using Google+ For Your Small Business.

Google Plus is a social networking site developed by Google and released in 2011. Google+ have 418 million active users as on December 2015 and mainly used by small business for the purpose of business development. Here are some amazing statistics about Google+.


As Small Business owner, how can you use this social network effectively? In this blog post, we will look at Top 8 Effective Ways Of Using Google+ For Your Small Business.


1. Circles

"Circles" is the feature that allows users to group the people with similar interest in one circle. This feature is intended to share relevant content with the right people. Adding people to the same Circle will allow you to concentrate on the particular circle. For example, suppose you created a Business Circle and added people who may be interested in your business.  Now you can post updated information about your product and services in that Circle for people in Circle to view, if they find it interesting they may buy your service or product or refer it to others. This will serve a wonderful purpose for your business. People may even add you back to their Circle; this will further extend your reach.


2. SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO plays a very important role in website search engine ranking and higher the ranking more traffic to your website. According to research, social signals account for seven out of the top eight factors correlated with Google search results, but Google +1s take the top spot. So if you are sharing your website links or blog links on Googe Plus it will help boost your search engine ranking on Google. It is also observed that more the number of people click + for your post; it ranks high on search results in Google.


3. Photo Sharing
On Google+ you can share images of different size, From large to small any size and any resolution, this is a unique feature of Google+. High-resolution images gain more attention from the people, and it helps in the visibility of small businesses. These images also if shared as public will index in Google image search and help pull traffic to your website.


4. Auto Enhance
You have an image which depicts your business and strategies and all the things that you need to have to attract people, but the picture should be well edited. For this, you will be spending quite some time on the Photoshop and make your picture looks like a cherry on a cake. What if you don't need to spend the time on the Photoshop. Google+ auto enhance feature can do magic for you and improve your image quality significantly. Remember beautiful images attract more attention than plain text. Use this feature to draw traffic to your social account and redirect it to your website.


5. Formatting Of Posts
People share posts on social networking sites. Some posts are long and consume the time of the reader. What if the reader does not have that much time? What if the reader finds the post boring when he starts reading it? Google Plus has got it covered for you. Formatting is a great feature of Google plus in which you can format your posts such as making the text bold or italic. You can even break your long content into paragraphs; this will make reading easy.


6. Communities
It is easy to find the people with same interest through Google communities. Join different communities and start sharing an interesting post with people in that community, interact and comment on other people's post. Socialising is the goal of social networks, and networking brings business! You can create your own Community too.


7. Collections
Like Circles, Google+ Collections is a new way to group your posts by topic. It is very useful to create Collections such as Products, Services, Post Sales Support and more. By creating Collections you can then organize your post accordingly, it makes easy for user search topic they are looking. Each Collection can be posted publicly, privately or to a limited set of people or circles.


8. Embedded Posts
Google+ Embedded Posts is the most appreciated feature of Google+. This feature allows Google+ posts on your site or blog with just a few lines of HTML code. This is an interesting way to share your Google+ post directly on your website or blog and let them interact with your Google+ post by sharing or adding +1 without even leaving your website or blog.


Now that you know how to use Google+ effectively, signup and create your account on Google+. But before that, you may also like to either renew your website with Budo or build a new website for your business.


By Harish Kumar Rajora

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