Top 9 skills freelance blogger must have

Posted on 21 Feb 2016 10:30 in Small Business Hacks
by Tisha John

Blogging is a world of words were a lot is conveyed be it about yourself, your experience and the world around you. It's a plethora of creativity and words and a marriage between these two.

Blogging is a world of words were a lot is conveyed be it about yourself, your experience, the world around you and if you insist-even aliens. It's a plethora of creativity and words and a marriage between these two. Let us peep into what one needs to let this gel in and let me walk you through 9 skills a freelance blogger must and should have.


1. Ideas
The alpha of it all. The better packed your ideas are, higher goes your chances to ace it. Try to take that road less traveled by. True that one would not always have a bombardment of ideas and this is where number two comes in.


2. Reading Maketh a full man
Bacon to the rescue? Maybe yes. Reading is an integral path to acquainting oneself with a lot. It widens your vocabulary, your thinking horizon and inevitably leads to ideas- classic and gold!


3. Roll your ideas well
Big words and big ideas alone don't quite get you across especially when you write yourself out to a huge audience. If you can know your readers and their temperaments, well and good. If not, get yourself across and your ideas through the simple, accurate and proper usage of words. After all, what good is your uniqueness if you can't channel it across?


4. Live the grammar nazi dream
Do not afford to go wrong. Keep your spellings, grammar and sentence construction in check. Make sure your articles are proofread before they meet the eyes of the world. This is a small world of business for you and know that there will be no guardian angel to ace you through. It's you and you alone  out there. 


5. Be your own wingman
Narcissistic much? No, this is not the cliched self-appraisal story rather you need to promote yourself to stay in the evergreen zone of freelancing. Come out of your cocoons and let the world know how good a writer you are and your skills can forward the company’s progress.


6. Stay in the picture 
Let them know you are there. Stay connected with clients and keep a tab on major freelancing job sites. Engage in freelancing and most importantly stay in the picture.


7. Stay relevant
To write the blog which people like to read should be the ultimate goal of blogger. And to know what people like you must stay up to date with trends and happenings around you. The best way to stay relevant is to read a lot about everything possible.


8. Management skills
Classic and running, this never gets old. The top required the skill of almost everything in life. Know how to manage your time, schedules, money, etc. This counts a lot and goes a long way in being punctual in your works and avoids last minute stress. Plan it out and follow it through.


9. Don't harbour the cake walk dream
No one said it's going to be a cakewalk, and it comes with it's package of pros and cons. You will be welcomed with criticisms and corrections. Do not be disheartened, accept and grow from them and learn not to fall victim to every criticism that comes your way. Catch it and throw it back, it's a game after all!


These alone do not cover it and a lot more is required. Know that nothing comes free of hard work. Dedication and hard work is  the key. If this is your love, chase it and own it. Never give up on your love.


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