Top complaints every web designing company face

Posted on 20 Aug 2016 09:00 in Web & App Design
by Margi Mehta

Here are a few complaints that web designing companies might have to face when the customers are not satisfied with their work. Studying these complaints well is the key to improvement and betterment of the design.

Feedback plays a vital role for any company, and the same goes with web designing company. Feedback discloses various complaints about the delivered product in front of the manufacturer or the seller. For a web design company, the website should be designed in a user-friendly manner to accelerate the hit-ratio for a given website. Hence, the stepping stone to improvement is to find out the flaws via complaints and try to get the best out of them.


Complaints can be of any form like a real problem which needs to be solved or useless ones which can be easily trashed. Web designing companies can have an upper hand provided they decide their strategies for the user experience in the form of complaints. The customer expects the company to make a unique, eye pleasing nevertheless user-friendly design every time. But this might not be possible for all the clients, and this leads to disappointment and complaints.


The web designing companies try to get the idea from the previously made websites or already works carried by them.  Hence, this might be a big issue for the customers to the complaint. Some of the complaints about the web designing companies are:


It’s like the overuse of the same design. Well, people are bored seeing the stereotyped designs and colours. Hence, a monotonous and old design; or rather clumsy; is a big no-no. Customers might find the content of the web page up to the mark, but it might cause them a disappointment with the design and page layout of the website. An inappropriate design creates a fallback in a way that the users have to spend more time doing simple things such as finding a contact, knowing about the ongoing projects of a company, prolonged loading time due to heavy templates used and much more.


Sometimes the companies promise the customers a lot and then result in doing nothing like they promised. The prototype in the customer’s mind is over-rated as compared with the end product delivered to them. This creates a huge gap between the web designing firm and the end users’ firm. There are a lot of complaints, disappointments and alteration to the design which creates a gap difficult to bridge.


Missed Deadlines
Time is money; undoubtedly precious to all. Many companies miss the deadlines frequently or ask for an extension which results in deteriorating the company’s reputation. It gives an impression that the designing companies are not so sorted or well equipped with resources that they can meet the pre-decided deadlines!


Out of capabilities
This might happen that the company might take the project that is beyond their capabilities. Hence, the designated work is not done properly. Even if the outlook of the web page is just as it was expected, the website may take a back seat when its backend functionalities are involved such as loading time, auto-fill for data, page redirection and much more.

Time management
The time to complete every part of the project is not sorted beforehand which leads to delay or overtime for the designers and developers. This causes an adverse effect on the mental status of the employees as well as the customers if their work is hampered.


The work didn’t look as expected
The website didn’t turn out well as it was described earlier and hence it disappoints the clients. Many times, few requirements are not stated by the customers to the web designing companies, but they are assumed to be fulfilled by the designing companies as a matter of trust and understanding between both the parties. 


For example, the customer didn’t mention that the navigation tab and its container buttons must have headings in bold and starting with a capital letter; but the customer desires it instead because they believe that it would be an unstated fact. Here is where there is a point of obstruction and results into a complaint.


Hard to alter
The biggest complaint is that the clients want to make the changes to the website by their own, and hence they need to have the knowledge of the different languages and the specifications for the same. Moreover, the customers want that the designing is done and presented in such a way that any small change in the content, caption or the presentation of the website must be handled with ease by the customers themselves. Inefficient designs are tough to alter because they are mostly unorganised and not designed with the conventional methods. Therefore, any web design should be easily alterable and understandable.


In a nutshell, for any web design company to avoid the above-given complaints, the first and foremost aspect is to manage time, divide work efficiently and in a systematic way and to keep checkpoints at various intervals so that easy and quick rollback is possible in case of any modification. Following these easy yardsticks and focusing on customers’ feedback, one can never fail at the designing end.


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