Top problems student freelancers face, and tips overcome them.

Posted on 09 Feb 2021 12:12 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

Getting work as a freelancer who has minimal experience is a tough job. Working on resumes to trial work, interview, and finally getting an offer letter is a tedious process. Read along to know how you can find an internship for yourself.

Worldwide, millions of freelancers work from home or office, according to their schedule, produce quality work, and are very well established in their sector. But the younger generation, especially students, find it very difficult to get freelance work due to their inexperience.


Doing freelance work is the best option for college students who want to build a resume or earn an extra buck. Freelance work is available and almost in all sectors, such as content writing, photography, modeling, designing, story-telling, and many more. In the future, either they can continue to be a full-time freelancer or get a good job based on the experience they earned. Hence, according to interest, search work and try to taste the work-life.


But having said that, it's not that simple to get freelance work for fresh graduates and students.


Issues faced by students freelancers
College students cannot take up a full-time job because they have to balance between work and school. Hence part-time freelancing is the best option, especially work from anywhere (a remote work).


But this narrow their options. So that is the first challenge. The second challenge is their experience. Many of them apply for freelancing for the first time, and many get rejection due to less experience. But this the same problem fresh graduates face when they search for their first job.


Issues due to inexperience
Students with no or less prior experience face difficulties in getting work. Most companies want an experienced person and do not want to give the job to a newbie. 


I had also applied for freelance work left, right, and center. I submitted a lot of sample work but couldn't get placed just because I was just a student. All this changed when I finally got an offer from ShimBi Labs. I was taken aback and could not believe my eyes. Now it has been almost nine months since I have joined Shimbi Labs. Now I regularly post articles and managing the company blog. Plus, I also have the freedom to take up other freelance work if I like.


So never give up; search carefully; many companies are especially looking for fresh graduates, students, and new freelancers. Be ready for rejection but continue to work hard and reach out to the right people and companies. 


For companies, how to make freshers feel comfortable with their work.
As a freelancer who has just received their first assignment, there are many worries and tensions. Questions such as 'is my work up-to-the-mark?', 'what if my work gets rejected?', 'what will be superiors think of me?' arises in one's mind.


The company and colleagues can do a lot to make them feel comfortable. Good communication between the employees will build confidence. If the freelance work is from the office or a workshop, they meet people face-to-face, it's more manageable, but it gets harder if it's a remote work assignment. Communication plays a crucial in such times.


Moreover, few words of encouragement go a long way in motivating freelancers. It drives them to work better.


Be a little empathetic towards freelancers and mold and shape them according to the job's needs. Work timing should be a bit flexible, especially during exam time.


If you are hiring freelance models for a photoshoot, make them feel comfortable on the sets. Interact with them, explain to them your vision. This will make the freelancer feel confident, and he/she will give their best to it. 


If you are not happy or satisfied with their work, explain them in private. Please do not call them out in public. 


Lastly, they have no work experience and idea about how much they should charge for their work. Hence, the undue advantage of that shouldn't be taken. 


What should student freelancers do to get assignments?
Firstly, create a good resume. You do not need to make a fancy one. A simple professional template will work just fine. Secondly, as freelancers, we have to put our best foot down. There is a lot of competition in the job market; hence you have to stand out among the crowd.


Apply for assignments that interest you. Do not apply just for the sake of it. Research about the work and see whether you'll fit in or not. Do not get easily discouraged if you are not selected. The world is filled with many more opportunities.


Moreover, when you get selected, please submit your work on time and not take work lightly. Listen to your clients and work under their guidance.


If it's a work from the home assignment, you should dedicate certain hours to your work: separate work, study, and recreation time.


Opportunities in today's world
Nowadays, many firms have job opportunities for freelancers, especially for college students. They like to recruit students. They provide them with experience and a stipend for their work.


There are many assignments where students can voluntarily work. A stipend is not given here. A letter of recommendation is provided in them.


Colleges also try and organize seminars where students can interact with people from diverse walks of life and can get an idea of what interests them. They also provide students with such opportunities to infuse them in the job market.


Many colleges that teach professional courses provide placement opportunities after completion of the course. Now it all depends on how students work on these opportunities and get the best out of them.


So, in the end, I would like to say that even though it is tougher to get work as a freelancer with no experience, never give up. One has to start somewhere to gain experience. Stop procrastinating and search the web. There are a lot of job websites and student community websites that help freelancers. They connect them with firms that have vacancies and help them get freelance assignments that interest them.


What are you waiting for?


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