Unlock the Power of Video Marketing: Engage, Educate, and Captivate Your Audience!

Posted on 09 May 2023 09:00 in Small Business Hacks
by Fatema Electricwala

Learn how to create captivating videos that captivate your audience, increase brand awareness, and boost sales. Let's dive in!

You’ve heard that an image is worth a thousand words. For a video, multiply that by another thousand. This forms the foundation of video marketing, which is a potent marketing technique that can actively involve your target audience in your marketing campaigns. To understand it simply, video marketing involves the use of videos to promote and showcase your products or services. This technique can enhance audience engagement across various digital and social media platforms, educate your audience, and provide you with a new medium for reaching your target market. 


Now very naturally a question would pop up in your head. “Why is Video Marketing so important?” So to start with, you already know where YouTube stands today, let alone its fan base. According to a survey videos have helped businesses increase brand awareness by 70%, traffic by 51% and sales by 34%. We already see how Instagram reels are on trend. For small business owners it is a great way to attract, convert and retain new customers. 


With the help of videos you can: 

  • Get more exposure and engagement 
  • Increase the understanding of your product
  • Stand out more


Having looked at the importance and benefits of video marketing, let us take a look at how you can build engaging and effective videos for your business. 


Videos should be such that it interests your audience and makes them come back at your page every time. Here are 5 effective and simple tips you can follow to make your videos stand out: 

  • Create valuable content 
    Firstly, think of a topic you want to make the video on. It can range from showcasing your product, launching a new product, behind the scenes, dispatch, etc. If the framework is complete, you can begin making the video. Videos should have high-definition video and interesting content. This entails the absence of background noise, optimal lighting, and smooth editing, among other things. 
  • Scene setup in a well lighted place
    Choose a calm, solace place with good lighting. A simple neutral colour background works the best. If you’re planning on showing your face, you can use the 3 point lighting technique. The 3 Point Lighting accentuates the face and assists the camera in capturing stunning facial expressions and other visuals. Good lighting will make you look good on screen. 
  • Edit it right 
    Editing is the most important in creating videos. A well-edited video would be crisp and accurate in its movement. After it's all been edited down to its final form, all of the artistic choices from pre-production to post-production shine through. This is where you settle on the video’s pace and how all of the shots fit together to form a cohesive whole. 
  • Keep it crisp and concise  
    Too long videos are often ignored and snatches interest from the audience. If you want to show a before-after video, break it into Part I and Part II. This creates curiosity amongst the audience and a sense of longing. 
  • Add Captions 
    Using captions or subtitles in your videos is crucial to enhance the user experience. Many viewers watch videos muted, and adding captions can ensure that your message is still conveyed effectively. It will act as an added advantage for you. 


To sum it up, a video is an invaluable tool you need to boost your business. Make the most of it. 




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