Why hasn’t your mobile application got you more customers?

Posted on 01 May 2016 10:53 in Small Business Hacks
by Rimi Sharma

Apps let the user browse through products at their comfort. But, often apps do not become a success. You may have built an app, too, for your business, but where are the customers?

The start of a successful business is often with a fancy website. Although all the information about your business is in there, an application which can reach your customers at their convenience is a must, which will make your products available to them at the touch of a finger. 


Apps let the user browse through products at their comfort. But, often apps do not become a success. You may have built an app, too, for your business, but where are the customers? Well, based on our learnings, there may be lacunas in your app. Let us look at this at a more deep level.


Is your app user-friendly?
When you make an app or ask someone to write an application for your business, make sure that it is the most easy app to use and navigate. The easier the application is to use, more people will it attract.


Also ensure your app is fresh. Release new updates and new features almost every month. This keeps the user coming back for more.


Are you getting enough users?
If not, make the app SEO friendly on the Play Store or other app stores. It may be possible that the application is getting lost amidst the crowd of similarly-named application. It is suggested that you name the app without using any symbols. This makes the app easy to locate. 


Is your app reaching your customers?
You have ample of customers, and they have your app on their Smartphones. But why is not your product making the sale that it should? Maybe you are not reaching to them. Take feedbacks from your loyal buyers about what can be improved in the app; make changes according to the likes and conveniences of your customers, and make the app workable on all platforms. 


You may use an app review plug-in. Sometimes we overlook the minute details that may be causing the user discomfort. 


If the above does not work, take online surveys of people. This way you will know what the audience wants from an application.


Is your app filled with advertisements?
If yes, then you might want to change that. Often these advertisements cause the application to stop working and, hence, result in a bad experience for the user. Your customer is using the app to buy your service. Showing them more advertisements may divert their minds from buying what they had in mind and instead compel them to check the attractive advertisements calling for their attention.


Keep your application as clean as possible. Make sure it is free from bugs and viruses, too.


Is your app too basic?
You don’t want the application to be too simple, either. Keep the app clean, but not empty. Here are a few steps you can take:

  • Add color to it. Your products should look attractive to the customer.
  • Use Photoshop to edit and brighten the pictures of the products. But, don’t enhance the image so much that it does not resemble the original product at all. Or use an HD camera.
  • Simple but advanced features. The app should have advanced features, but should not be overloaded with them.
  • Make sure you have ample of shortcuts or direct links to most popular services of your apps, like order tracking, buying, booking, short-listing etc.


Some of the other factors to keep in mind are:

  • If your app is too big in size, customers may not be willing to download it on their phones.
  • You can also provide offline tracking service through which the messages will let the customers track their products.
  • Provide a helpline number and an email address at the bottom of every page so that customers may reach you every time they get stuck somewhere.
  • Ask your customers to leave feedback. This will let you know better what the customers are looking for.


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