Why is LinkedIn important to freelancers?

Posted on 30 Sep 2021 12:12 in Small Business Hacks
by Zainab Sohangpurwala

As a freelancer LinkedIn is the most important social media platform for connecting with like-minded professionals. It is the ideal place to search for freelancing opportunities and pursuing your passion. Read along to know more.

Freelancing as a career path is gaining increased popularity in today's world. According to the freelancing statistics from Upwork’s sixth annual “Freelancing in America” study, 51% of freelancers refuse to return to a traditional 9 to 5 job, regardless of the money offered.


Due to the pandemic, about 12% of the US workforce began freelancing for the first time! The comfort, flexibility, and freedom along with the other perks of freelancing have attracted many people. 


So if you want to enter this growing market but are unaware of how to go on with it you have landed in the perfect place.


Make a CV right away!
For entering the freelancing market you need to make a CV and a portfolio for yourself. You can use the templates in MS Word or go to any website which provides templates to make a CV.


Provide all your details and educational qualifications along with co-curricular achievements and previous job experiences.


A CV is a must because for applying for any freelancing job you'll have to submit it to the recruiters. 


Personal website
Like you can not ignore a CV, you also must have your personal website if you really wish to stay ahead in the game. A website that is your online CV but your portfolio, blog, and contact details. Having a personal website with updated information and your project will increase your visibility 100 folds and get more business.


Making a personal website is simple with website builders like Budo.


Where to apply to get freelancing opportunities 
This is the main topic I'd like to address in this blog. If you want a freelancing job you can simply search ‘freelance writing job opportunities’ on your browser. But the problem is that it'll show 1000+ results. You will not be able to distinguish between the real and the fake ones. 


After applying and not getting shortlisted you might get frustrated and leave it.


But LinkedIn is a website that will not disappoint you!


What is LinkedIn?
LinkedIn is an American business and employment-oriented online service that operates via websites and mobile apps. The platform is mainly used for professional networking and allows job seekers to post their CVs and employers to post jobs. LinkedIn allows members (both workers and employers) to create profiles and "connect" to each other in an online social network that may represent real-world professional relationships. 


But now, LinkedIn is used worldwide and has become the most popular social network platform among professionals. It is a unique social media networking platform with a professional community of more than 722 million people worldwide.


It is the perfect platform to interact with like-minded people. You can write about yourself, your professional interests and experiences. Interested recruiters can contact you via LinkedIn and you can apply for various jobs via LinkedIn. 


Why is LinkedIn so important for freelancers?

Download LinkedIn on your mobiles to receive regular updates as it is a crucial social media platform. 

The LinkedIn community is very important for freelancers because you can find numerous job opportunities here. 


You can follow your friends and other entrepreneurs and freelancers and see where they work, you can learn from them and in that process get exposure.


Even if you apply for jobs via other websites or mediums the first thing the HR department does is search your name on LinkedIn. If they find your profile they can know better about you. If they don't you will face a setback.


What you should have on your LinkedIn profile?
Show your various skill sets, previous works, certifications, etc. to make your profile unique. You need to make the recruiter believe that you can solve all their problems. Only then will they shortlist you. 


Keep your profile up to date
If you want to make it big in the freelance market you need to work on LinkedIn and spend time on it as you do with other social media sites like Instagram. Whenever you are free you can post something on LinkedIn. It's like a blog space for you. The only difference is that whenever you upload anything it flashes upon the screens of like-minded people.


So regularly upload short blogs or articles to keep your profile up to date. LinkedIn posts have the power to boost your account. If you receive any certificates or participate in a course, keep updating your profile regarding it. It will show the recruiters how serious, dedicated, and up-to-date you are.


How to get new jobs and gigs via LinkedIn?
While setting up your profile LinkedIn asks you about your interest and areas where you’d like to apply for jobs. Accordingly, it sends recommendations and newly posted job offers to you.


LinkedIn regularly sends you emails regarding fresh opportunities. You can also use the search option and search for jobs in fields that interest you. After finding the ideal job all you have to do is contact the recruiters and send your CV.


What are the other websites through which people can apply for jobs?
Apart from LinkedIn, there are various websites such as freelancer.com, Upwork, Internshala, and so many more websites and apps that link recruiters to you.


LinkedIn is the most popular website as it connects international clients to freelancers. Certain freelancers such as writers, graphic designers, social media handlers can work from anywhere in the world. 


International clients may provide a better opportunity as well as higher pay. Hence LinkedIn is the perfect platform to connect with them. 


If there are any more questions or clarifications regarding LinkedIn feel free to drop them in the comments section below!




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