Why NGOs Should Register .ngo Domain For Their Website?

Posted on 19 Feb 2016 06:39 in Small Business Hacks

Why do any non-governmental organization choose .ngo over .org or any other domain extension? What is the importance of using the .ngo extension? In this blog post, we will discuss this topic in details.


NGOs are non-governmental organizations that are involved in social works and are not involved in any profitable business. They are usually registered and established by ordinary people who want to give a hand in making our world a bit better. The NGOs are not part of a government, but they are sponsored by government institutions, private persons or businesses. Few NGOs run primarily with the help of volunteers and donations.


Earlier NGOs use to have.ORG or similar domain extensions for their website. But in recent PIR (Public Interest Registry) launched .ngo and .ong domain names special for NGOs. These domain extensions can only book by NGO for their website.


But why do any non-governmental organization choose .ngo over .org or any other domain extension? What is the importance of using the .ngo extension? In this blog post, we will discuss this topic in details.


1. NGOs run on the efforts of the volunteers. Every NGO need as many dedicated volunteers as possible. To register new volunteers NGOs can take the help of online resources such as social media, email, but most important is website to promote their mission and social works. Through website they must first build trusted online presence along with their on ground work.


Earlier NGOs use to book .org domain names in the absence of any suitable domain name extension for there website, but now .ngo or .ong are available for them as a great choice. This new .ngo extension can help identify and distinguish your Non- Governmental Organisation (NGO) as a validated organization within the crowded digital world. Well, designed website with all details and suitable domain extension like .ngo can help people trust you and join as a volunteer.


2. Well established NGOs, which are well funded by various organizations and individuals, they can promote their activities and raise more funds through campaigns and functions. But for small NGOs, they need to first establish their credibility before they can rais funds and expand their activities. With .ngo domain for their website can help them establish credibility because .ngo domains are allocated to only registered NGOs.


3. Having a .ngo domain for NGOs website will help in the discovery of website in search engine. It will also help in recognition of NGO quickly. Extensions like .ngo provide a tag to NGOs that it is genuine and trustworthy. It will also increase the goodwill of the organization.


4. The .ngo extension validates your NGOs at global, national or local level. Validations are provided only to the genuine NGOs after research and past working architecture of these NGOs. The validations to the NGOs promote the missions and visions of these NGOs. It not only helps to validate the NGOs but also enhances the development process of various activities they do.


5. Owning a .ngo domain for NGO website not only provide validation to NGO but it will automatically enter into OnGood an exclusive online NGO directory, which includes a customizable online profile for the organization. This is by far biggest reward, as it will provide a huge boost to global exposure to the NGO.


So if your NGO is building new website get a .ngo domain for your website or if you already have a website you can still get a .ngo domain and redirect it to your existing website. Build validated website for your non-governmental organisation.


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